Meal Prep 101 for 21 Day Fix

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Meal prep does not need to be difficult. Let’s not make things harder or more time consuming then we need to. When you have health and fitness goals, especially weight loss goals, results only come when we dial in our nutrition. That means taking some extra time to prep foods and meal prep.  Here are some suggestions to make food prep 101 work in your busy life using the 21 day fix and the 21 day fix meal plan plus portion control containers.  This makes life SUPER EASY!

Meal Prep 101 for 21 Day Fix

  1. Take some time to grocery shop for the healthy clean food you do enjoy. Shop seasonally for fresh vegetables and fruits. And choose lean proteins like fish and chicken.
  2. Once you have all of your healthy foods, now it’s time to cook in bulk. Cook a dozen chicken breast or a dozen tilapia fillets at one time. This will save you time money and energy in the long run. Cook whatever seasonal vegetables you have in bulk as well. Season with Mrs. Dash, salt-and-pepper, coconut oil or any other natural seasonings to eliminate extra sodium.
  3. Now that you have your healthy foods cooked, it’s time to portion out the proper serving size. This is always confusing for people so what I suggest is following our 21 day fix portion control containers. If you don’t have this think in terms of half cup portions. You need a half a cup of protein to 1 cup of vegetables.  Healthy carbs like sweet potatoes & brown rice are allowed a few times per day and less serving size. Again this is explained in great detail on the program I follow and recommend.
  4. Once your healthy meals are prepped in containers, you can place a few of them in the refrigerator and any extras in the freezer. My husband & I go through many meals per day so it tends to only last us about 3-4 days. But it is so nice to have my own healthy prepped meals in the freezer for emergency.
  5. Rule of thumb, never leave the house without your own healthy meals. When you have big health and weight loss goals, you can’t rely on eating out or lunch at the office… Those meals will sabotage your hard work. You must take the time to cook, prep and be ready to go!

Checkout this video for more tips and details on how I actually meal prep.  {Side note, this was when I was following the 21 DAY FIX EXTREME countdown plan, to really lose weight & get ripped, I did have a few servings of carbs early in the day that include oats & sweet potatoes.}  I am following the “Competition” meal plan in the 21 day fix to get that lean, athletic body shape and get ready for swimsuit season.  I don’t eat this “strict” all the time… but it’s the only way to lose belatedness and those pesky extra pounds!


Prep healthy foods to keep you on track all week long!
Prep healthy foods to keep you on track all week long!

Meal Prep

Homemade fish nuggets- 21 day fix approved - RED
Homemade fish nuggets- 21 day fix approved – RED
food prep
21 day fix meal prep. Ground Turkey RED & brown rice YELLOW plus green beans- GREEN
food prep
Meal prep- yogurt & berries, protein, veggies & sweet potato – all 21 day fix approved!


egg muffins
egg muffins – easy 21 day fix recipe! See more: