Recommit to Working Out

Several weeks back I posted a few blogs on finding ways to be strong willed during the holiday season, including tips on avoiding the dreaded sabotage of your health and fitness goals. Maybe you’re succeeding, and if so, keep it going! But for those of you who haven’t, maybe it’s time to recommit to working out!

Getting back into a workout routine when you’ve taken time off is intimidating. As I’ve said before, we push ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually to make clean living choices and that’s not always an easy road to follow. But just when it feels like you are building some momentum, something comes around and mess it all up. It could be the holidays, vacation, getting sick, or an injury that throws you off. Skipping a few days of workouts can lead to weeks, and next thing you know, you’ve taken 10 steps backward.

Here’s the deal. We are already a few weeks into the new year but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to recommit to working out; the key is to take baby steps.

Your first step should be to start slow and simply use the next few weeks to get moving. Integrate a couple days of short flexibility workouts to increase blood flow, circulation, range of motion and joint mobility – basically, remind your body what it’s like to be on the move in a healthy way.

From there, utilize what time you have to simply go on a walk to limit stress, or even a bike ride.   Do some ab workouts before bed every night, and keep yourself hydrated by keeping a water bottle handy throughout the day.

That doesn’t sound too complicated or time consuming, does it? They may sound like really small steps in comparison to the bigger goals you may have in mind, but you will be surprised by how great of an impact they have on your body. For me, every morning I take our pup JoJo for walk around the block. Something so simple does so much for my body! I end up with so much more energy when I go on those short walks.

Maybe while you are out on that short little walk around the neighborhood, begin thinking of your plan for 2017 if you haven’t already. When you set different goals for yourself, it gives you something to aim for along this journey to recommit to working out.

Here are some tips to help set those goals and make them stick:

Write your goals down:

Use a journal, a chalk board, or a bigger goal board to write down your vision for 2017 and then keep it somewhere you will see it every day as a constant reminder.

Communicate with your loved ones:

If you share what your vision for a new, healthier you looks like with loved ones, it can be an amazing motivator to stay on track. Tell them your goals, ask for help, ask them to join in!

Start with small changes:

Like I mentioned earlier, the natural desire is to want to leap straight into an intense training program. But when you have taken a ton of time off, that can lead to injury. Start slow with lower intensity workouts and build gradually.

Find a workout buddy:

Trust me, you aren’t the only person out there who could use a clear focus and renewed sense of self. So find a workout buddy that wants to recommit to working out. You’ll be motivated to work out harder and you will have someone else to hold you accountable. Heck, that could be your spouse, or even your kids. Remember, a family who sweats together, stays together! Every year after the holidays, our whole family does a clean eating cleanse to get us all back on track.

Track You Progress:

Grab a notepad or a spot on your computer or smartphone to track your progress. You can keep track of it all, allowing you to see progress and adjust your routine as you go.

Bottom line, this is a time to hope and dream to find a better YOU. That’s going to take some work setting up realistic goals, and using those around you to help make you feel supported and loved on your journey.