Are you ready for our SWEAT TOGETHER Challenge? To work on yourself? On your Marriage? Getting healthy together? Learning to support each other… in the kitchen, while working out and maybe even spice things up in the bedroom? YEP, I said it!  It’s a proven fact that when couples have similar health goals and live a healthy lifestyle, they have a STRONGER marriage.  You are happier, feel sexier, have more energy and support each other in your health & fitness goals.  Our SWEAT TOGETHER Challenge is the first step on creating a Healthy Lifestyle with your family!
What is our SWEAT TOGETHER Challenge?
My husband Brett Andrew Nelson & I have been through this challenge together, we have laughed, pushed each other, got frustrated with each other and guess what, BECAME STRONGER TOGETHER by sweating together!  We have a stronger marriage because of this challenge!calling all couples
SWEAT TOGETHER Challenge is pretty simple:
Together we are going to focus on all areas of life.
Together we will focus on your eating.
Together we will focus on your fitness.
Together we will focus on your family.
Together we will focus on personal development.
Together we will celebrate results!
You will get a complete program that give you all the tools to see success.  Fitness + Nutrition + Support = Success.
You will get 30 minute workouts to do together daily PLUS access to stream the workouts from anywhere for your device.
You will get a holistic, whole foods, meal replacement shake, Shakeology, to replace 1 meal a day to DOUBLE your results.
You will have a meal plan to follow along your journey.
You get myself & my hubby for 1:1 coaching in a private accountability group.
You gain confidence, better health, lose inches, lose weight, get sexier, have fun and so much more!
Over the past 5 years my husband & I have seen some pretty incredible things happen when we are on the same page with our health & fitness. We want to inspire & coach YOU and YOUR SPOUSE to join in our private online accountability group.
Please apply below to be considered for our Private SWEAT TOGETHER Challenge.
*No spouse? No problem! Grab a buddy/ accountability partner to join in! The more the Merrier!
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5:30 am comes early, but we push each other to be our best! Accountability = Love!

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Couples Who Sweat Together Stay Together