How to Cleanse with 21 Days of Recipes- Ultimate Reset Detox Cleanse

In January in the Nelson home, it means time to cleanse!  I don’t know about you, but after the holidays, being off of our schedules, overeating, too many cookies, pies, and cocktails it’s time for a mega cleanse! We do the Beachbody Ultimate Reset and I’ll break it down; how to cleanse with 21 days of recipes.  First thing first, this is an INVESTMENT in you!  After the 21 days, you will add 7 years to your life and change your eating habits forever.

Before any cleanse there is anxiety, fear of failure & excitement all mixed together. But the need to kick bad habits and get back on track with our health & fitness goals far outweighs the negative emotions.

There are three phases in the Ultimate Reset Cleanse. Phase one, or week one begins to detox. It’s a pretty normal week of foods minus sugar and processed foods. Phase two, or week two eliminates all animal products by only eating whole foods & grains. Phase three, week three is completely vegan which means no animal products at all. We are eating primarily fruits & veggies to completely detox and eliminate all toxins from the body. In each phase, you gain energy, focus, better sleep, increased libido, increased awareness, and overall more alert.

Not to worry, the cleanse kit comes with everything you need from menu cookbook to daily supplements, to detailed instructions and even a special gift.

Phase I/ Week I:  Slowly weaning off animal products.

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This week is pretty much normal clean eating.  Clean eating is cutting out all processed foods and only eating whole foods, from the earth, the way God intended us to eat.  Not only do you detox from added sugars, but there are loads of chemicals in all processed foods as well.  I went into this an admitted caffeine addict!  I usually have 1-2 cups of espresso plus another 1-2 glasses if iced tea every afternoon.  Needless to say, I had a detox headache for the first 5 days.  Boy, that told me my body was toxic!  I am 100% mentally and physically ready!

Organic Scrambled eggs (I always top with salsa,)  1 cup steamed spinach plus 1/4 sliced avocado and 2 slices whole wheat toast.

Organic Micro green chop salad with my all time FAVORITE  homemade garlic dressing. We keep this on hand all year long.

Oats & blueberries with organic maple syrup.

Lunch on the go is organic veggies & hummus plus a salad with organic chopped veggies. 
Chopped salad & Vegan Corn Chowder. Lunch or dinner. I make a big batch of corn chowder then it’s handy for lunches.

  Quinoa, sweet potato & kale soup. This is not in the recipe book of the Ultimate Reset but it’s organic, while foods & is simple & delicious! Plus having a big pot of soup to eat from saves time in the kitchen.

Phase II/ Week 2:  This week is the official “detox” week.

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No animal products allowed at all.  We are eating whole grains like quinoa, oatmeal and brown rice plus colorful whole foods.  The recipes are amazing to let us enjoy so many new and interesting vegetables.  The supplements this week include the normal fiber pills 3x day 30 minutes before each meal plus a “detox” drink before each meal as well.  The detox is gentle and mild but over the week it gets a hold of the junk in our git and helps pull all the toxins out of our body.  Benefits that you start to feel are: weight loss, better & deeper sleep, clear complexion and less tired.  More focus and mental clarity.

Fresh fruit plate for two! If I’m doing this detox cleanse, the hubby is too! #Accountability baby! Tip: buy seasonal fruit in bulk, chop & put into individual contained. Prep fruit bowl or plate in the morning.

What’s your favorite veggie? What’s your least favorite veggie?
Day 9/ 21: Veggie Stir Fry for dinner tonight! Finally kicked the “detox headache!”
Feeling less bloated, more focused & natural energy.

Vegan shakeology is a lifesaver! When you don’t have time to cook an Ultimate Reste meal, you can always sub a vegan shakeology shake.  My favorite shakeology recipe is: ice, organic almond milk, 1/4 banana & water then blend! My favorite treat every day! In fact, I don’t miss a single day of getting this amazing nutrition into my body all year long!  Super Simple!

Day 13/ 21: Salad anyone?! Pretty much eating like a rabbit… Today was the first HARD day! Craving all the things I can’t have like donuts, iced tea, chili & cornbread! 

Can you guess what’s for dinner?
Day 15/ 21: Feeling less bloated, crazy natural energy, no fog brain, sleeping deep & waking up rested plus my focus is incredible!!!


The past two weeks have been a journey… After the holidays, I needed something STRICT to kick my booty back on track! I hated feeling tired all the time, low on energy, lethargic and fall deeper into bad eating habits!
Day 17/21: feeling amazing! Less bloated, no more brain fog, crazy focus, sleeping deeply & waking up rested… Some days all I want is a burger & fries! Hey, I’m human! ?. But I have NOT caved!!
Week 1: lost 4 pound & 1.5 inches off waist.
Week 2: lost 5.5 pounds total & 2.5 inches off waist total.
I’m so glad to be on this journey with my amazing husband! We hold each other accountable to stick to the PLAN!! No more sugar crash!! ??
It’s actually not that hard. Basically cut out the processed crap foods & replace with whole foods! The recipes are delicious & filing! The only way to Detox from sugar, fat, processed foods or junk food! ?
This is the Last week/ phase III – all fruits & veggies! Pulling ALL toxins from our body, becoming alkaline & healthy! I hope to stay like this for a while even after our #cleanse!!?

karma week 2 reset cleanse

Phase III/ Week 3:  Final week of cleanse- Restore.

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As you restore, you eliminate grains and legumes to focus on a simple, plant-based diet.  With the simple meals, they are larger, so deprivation is never an option.  Even though you are not supposed to be working out, it’s a time to let your body rest, detox and recover, yoga, pilates, and walking are encouraged.  Deep breathing helps further detox and energize.  Stretching helps you move your body and become more open.  Walking is encouraged to help with circulation and concentrate on inhales and exhales.   Although the business of cooking has slowed down, this week your body feels more alive than ever before.

Every morning we have a fresh fruit plate or bowl of fruit.  Super easy & delish.  

Roasted veggies are so delicious! You can roast most any veggie but one of the Reset recipes is called roasted root veggies. Chop carrots, sweet potatoes, onions & beets, drizzle with EVOO & fresh herbs. Mix & roast. 

Lentil & carrot lime salad. Veggie stir fry with quinoa & amino braggs. 

Pinto beans & rice with a kale chop salad. 

Day 19/ 21: roasted root veggies & asparagus. Surprisingly filling. The cool thing is when you eat the rainbow, your skin glows!


Kale salad and homemade veggie soup is a staple to cook in bulk and eat off of all week for lunches.


Day 21/21: Kale chop salad with a delicious cucumber, avocado & jalapeño soup! We did it!!! Completed the 21 Day Ultimate Reset Cleanse!!



RESULTS are IN!!! resultsAfter completing the 21 day ultimate reset, detox cleanse I lost 7 pounds and 3.25 inches off my waist.
PS: hubby lost 13.5 pounds & 4 inches off waist!

It’s not all about weight and measurements in my opinion. The overall well-being and natural healthy State my body is in right now feels AMAZING !!!

For me I needed a plan to KICK my booty and get me back in shape quick! Plus detox from all the junk!
No more sugar crashes, no more caffeine highs and lows, no more processed foods that clog up my intestines!!!

The benefits of going to the plant-based diet and completely detoxing your body are incredible!!! Clear thoughts, no brain fog, more natural energy, deeper sleep, wake up well rested, increase libido, decreased sugar crashes, lower blood pressure, weight loss, fat loss, and overall an incredible healthy feeling!

Clearly a 21 day detox is not for everybody so I want to know what do you think your biggest challenge would be to detox?

I feel so GREAT and looked cute for a fundraiser the next week!

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black tulle skirt

After Detox Cleanse, keep it super clean for maintenance & continued weight loss.

Kale, quinoa, roasted butternut squash with tart cherries & sliced almonds.
With my ALL time FAVORITE garlic dressing.

kale butternut squash salad

Seared salmon, steamed green beans and quinoa, cherry tomatoes and arugula salad.


I LOVE seeing changes in my body from the inside out, cleaning out my gut & having more focus!

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