10 Common Questions Answered about Beachbody Coaching

Let’s talk about the MONEY and TIME involved!

As of now, you have heard amazing stories from coaches on our team, seen what we actually do as coaches, thought about YOUR WHY and what type of coach you want to be. Now, I’d to present you with LOST of details. Don’t let it overwhelm you, but do pay attention, as it lets you get a glimpse of the “business” side of coaching.

WATCH this short Introducing Team Beachbody Video:

 There are four options to get started:

OPTION 1: is to become a coach for the $39.99 sign-up fee and that’s it. Again, while this would make you a Coach, ou would be “inactive”…meaning you are ineligible for commissions and incentives. (You need 50 points of “volume” to become active).

OPTION 2: Become a coach for $39.99 PLUS order Shakeology at the time of sign-up. This would make you active and eligible for all commissions and incentive programs. Shakeology is discounted 25% at the time of sign-up. ($39.95 + $99 Shakeology = $140)

OPTION 3 MOST Successful Coaches choose THIS option: 
Join with a Challenge Package. This WAIVES the $39.99 sign-up fee to become a coach, gives you all the tools to get started in a BUNDLE DEAL including a fitness program, Shakeology at a significant discount and your business starter kit. As far as “Bang for your Buck,” this is the way to go! (Challenge packages are $140- $205 and include a complete workout system with DVD’s, a schedule and a menu guidebook along with a 30 day supply of Shakeology. Again, the COACH fee is waived in a challenge package so it’s FREE to start your own business!)

OPTION 4: Maybe you already joined as a challenger in a challenge group, and now are ready to join as a coach. You can simply join with the $39.95 basic coach sign up, then turn in a reimbursement form once you are all signed up.  I will point you in the right direction from there!

A $15.95 monthly fee covers order processing, shipping, the hosting and maintenance of THREE websites Beachbody provides, access to your Coach Online Office (COO), direct weekly deposit of paycheck and an online Subscription to Success Magazine. The $39.99 sign-up fee covers the start up cost for the websites and a Business Starter Kit for you. This is the only over head you will have to own your own Coaching Business!

NOTE: If you or your SPOUSE is active military, Beachbody takes great pride in rewarding our soldiers by waiving all start up cost and monthly coach fees. It’s a simple way to give back and say THANK you for everything you do!

2) DON’T NEED TO BE AN EXPERT: We do not claim to be personal trainers or nutritionists. Some coaches are, but it’s not what coaching is all about. Coaching is about motivating people, creating an environment of encouragement and support, and sharing what Beachbody has done in our lives.

3) TEAM:  Our Super Stars Team is not just a team…. we are a FAMILY!    Our team just happens to be one of the most successful and fastest growing teams in Beachbody. We have a coaches-only TEAM PAGE that is your go-to place for any questions you may have or support you may need. You are allowed to use any documents, contests, information, posts, etc. that any of us coaches have used and use them as your own. This allows for LITTLE leg- work in the beginning and allows you to focus on building FIRST your own challenge group to help customers then SECONDLY build your team. Duplication is what works!

Team Rules Logo4) TRAINING: You will receive online and over the phone training with your sponsor coach, as well as access to our exclusive 30 Day SUPER STARS COACH APPRENTICESHIP, developed by the top coaches on our team. You are in good hands. Your coach will help you every step of the way.This 30 day Bootcamp will teach you what took us years to learn & develop.

5) SHOW ME THE MONEY  Sales & Bonus Commissions: 
How to make money as a coach?

You get a 25% discount on all products plus earn 25% commission on all sales. Retail sales come from all customer sales plus residual income from monthly shakeology orders can be a huge part of cash flow. While 25% commission is an important part of your paycheck in the beginning, as you begin to advance in rank you’ll quickly discover that the team bonuses are what makes up the largest percentage of your check.

Team bonuses are calculated by team volume. This is great news for you because of the amount of growth our team is experiencing. As an active Emerald coach or above, you receive volume points from any coach placed under you- the beauty of a team!

There are also various incentive programs such as Success Club, which further increases earning opportunities, reward trips (free vacations to amazing destinations) plus FREE customer leads from the company. Yes, Beachbody gives us FREE leads as an Active Emerald Coach or above. Did I mention the Bonus Pool? Beachbody reserves a % of the quarterly earnings then rewards qualified coaches (2 star, 5 star, 10 star and 15 star diamond coaches) with a bonus that can really add up!

Basically we take YOUR income goal then reverse engineer it! For example, if your goal is to replace a $35,000 income, we can give you to tools to earn $600/ week with beachbody and help you replace that income. This can be done both with challenge packages sales AND with growing your team of coaches and earning Team Cycle Bonus! The sooner you commit to succeed, the sooner we can show you how!

P90X3 giveaway6) BE A PRODUCT OF THE PRODUCTS: This means both through Beachbody exercise and nutrition. You will have people ask you about programs and Shakeology so it’s very important as a coach to immerse yourself in what Beachbody offers. Once you fall in love with Beachbody, Beachbody will love you back! MOST successful coaches drink shakeology daily and are a product of the product.

 You can create your own schedule. You can decide how much time you put into it. When you do what you love and have fun at, it does not feel like “work!” If you treat it like a job that you love, work is to be expected. Just because it doesn’t feel like work, doesn’t mean we treat it carelessly. The more effort you put in, the more successful you will be. Coaches need a strong sense of leadership to run their challenge group, their business, their teams and their personal lives. Keeping the balance ensures your happiness and your success. Creating a schedule and working smarter, not harder is what we teach you from the beginning.

How much time is involved as a beachbody coach?

  • 1st- Coach Training Academy will take approx. 3 total hours to complete and will give you the foundation of knowledge.
  • 2nd- 30 day Coach Apprenticeship will take about 15 minutes per day.
  • 3rd- We will help you set a “Beachbody schedule” to work smart by following a specific daily “to do list.” This can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of 1 hour per day, a few days per week.
  • 4th- Virtually you can grow your business in less time. Through Social Media, you can build relationships, grow sales and grow your business quickly!
  • As Busy Mom of 3 active kiddos, working from home, I teach you how to juggle it all and grow a full-time business in less than 1 hour per day!  It’s that simple!  I even give you a daily “To-Do List!”

Being active, present & owning it is the key to success.
I n the beginning, it’s important to note that this is a business. Your service is valuable, just like teachers, counselors, trainers, waiters, attorneys; the list goes on and on. YOU are very valuable and you have a lot to offer. The fact is, as a business owner (that’s what you are as a Beachbody coach) It’s important to remember that consistency is KEY & having an “I CAN/ WILL DO” attitude will advance you quickly.

Coaches that complete our Super Star Trainings keep in contact with THEIR coaches and actively participate on team calls and team page are the coaches that end up having the strongest success. It’s up to YOU to communicate with your coach and ask for help when needed. We are here to help you succeed every step of the way!

10) YOU’RE NOT IN THIS ALONE: Beachbody & your sponsoring coach are essentially your Business partners to help you every step of the way.  You get 24/7 support & motivation from our Super Stars Team with weekly trainings and so much more!  Are you ready?  


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