10 Days Of Healthy Family Recipes

Need some kid-friendly, simple healthy recipes that adults can eat too?  Getting healthy ideas or recipe ideas can be challenging. I’m here to help!  Simple healthy dinners is what keeps this busy mom of 3 active kiddos sane!  I put together my favorite 10 recipes that are staples in the Nelson home.  Mom approved, kids approved.  10 Days Of Healthy Family Recipes will give you some great recipes that are simple, healthy yet still give you lots of flavor.

Remember, my number one clean eating tip is to cook in bulk.  Especially if you have a big family like I do.  We are constantly on the go, so having healthy foods prepared in advance or stocked in the freezer is a life saver.  For example, when I make my famous Stuffed bell peppers, we not only eat them for dinner that night, but I will send in lunches the next day as well or use for our leftover night.

10 Days Of Healthy Family Recipes will save you time, calories Plus eating meals together as a family has a range of benefits. Research shows that it boosts kids’ grades, leads to healthier eating habits, and (believe it or not) helps relieve parental stress. But sometimes it’s tough to plan out meals that are healthy and taste good!  I promise your whole family will enjoy these “Nelson Family Approved” dinners.

Download 10 Days of Healthy Family Recipes here

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Veg mex salad boats



Download 10 Days of Healthy Family Recipes here

stiffed bell peppers


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