Quick Total Body Workout Plan

Busy mom?  Not sure how to get exercise into your hectic day?  I get it!  As a Busy Mom, I don’t always have a lot of time to spend working out.  So, I love super fast workout routines, that uses bursts of energy.  Quick workout plans, and workout routines that help me have a quick total body workout are the BOMB!  I know we all have a million excuses why we can’t workout, but taking that first step, committing to just 5 minutes here and there will get your heart rate up, boost your energy the natural way… and hey, when done consecutively, you will even notice yourself get stronger and possible do an extra rep or try one of my other quick workout plans, and workout routines:

Do the following Quick Total Body Workout Plan and burn calories to lose weight fast.  Plus have fun working out… if you have fun, you enjoy it, make more time for it then get in better shape!


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✅ 1 minute each exercise

✅ 5 rounds

✅ 50 Jumping Jacks in between each round.


1- Toe taps in a plank position.

2- Spider-Man in a plank position, do push up then bring each knees toward elbow.

3- Mountain climber.

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