Quick Cardio Workout

     Now that the kids are back in school it means waking up earlier to get them ready. Lets be honest, getting out of bed early every day is HARD! For me there is something so great about getting your body moving first thing. On days when I am feeling sluggish or not motivated, I know that a few minutes of cardio will get my gears moving! I could come up with countless excuses to not do it but I know that once I start moving I NEVER regret it.
    Here is a quick Cardio Workout that you can do at any time of day. I prefer the morning because it gives me a big boost of energy for the day. Mid-day is also a great time for this quick cardio workout to get you pumped up and your blood circulating till the end of the day. Whenever works best for you, just make sure to get your body moving. Most days I don’t WANT to workout but make the choice to do it anyways. Wake up every morning and before the excuses come tell yourself “I can do this”!