5 Moves to Get a Firm Booty

Do you have the Kardashian infamous butt  or are you blessed like me with a flat tush? I am happy to report that  after lots of hard work, with Les Mills Pump  {Add more recently my 21 day challenge} AND including these 5 moves in my workout routine, I am on my way to finally filling up that saggie bottom bikini and having a nice firm booty.

These 5 Moves will help you to Get a Firm Booty!

Focus on the muscles doing the work.  Avoid using momentum to move through the exercises.  Be sure to breath slowly through the entire routine. Start today and do this bootylicious routine 3 days a week for a more FIRM and PERKY booty!

  1.  Lunge.  Do 25 walking lunges.  Keep knee in line with foot and body weight centered over body.
  2. Single Leg Twist. My favorite move from P90X and featured in Oxygen as well (see picture below).   Stand tall on 1 leg.  Twist to the right side and bend your knee deeply; try to touch the floor outside your right foot with your left hand . Return to standing and repeat for eight to 10 reps. When you are through, switch sides. Repeat 10-12 times each leg. 
  3. One Leged Bridge.  Lie on your back with your right knee bent, foot flat on the floor, and your left ankle resting on top of your right thigh. Raise your hips off the floor as high as you can. Slowly lower, then repeat for 10 to 12 reps before switching sides.
  4. Squat Jumps.  Feet shoulder width apart, squat all the way to get your cheeks on the ground (or as close as possible), pop up with a jump and squeeze your booty at the same time. Repeat 25 times.
  5. Squat.  You can choose to use weight or no weight at all.  Weight options would be holding dumb bells in your hand, or place a bar bell with weights on your shoulders as I do in this video. Feet should be shoulder width apart.  Begin squat: lower booty back, like you are sitting in a chair, keeping knees stacked safely over ankles.  Squeeze glutes as you rise and hold the squeeze in the butt for 2 seconds before repeating exercise.  Repeat 15-20 times.

You hear me say the key to success & getting a nice firm booty is the “Rep Effect” from Les Mills Pump.  Repeat this Booty circuit 3 times for the absolute best BUTT ever!  This is a great workout to take on vacation or while traveling away from your home gym or fitness center.

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