Couples Who Sweat Together Stay Together

Couple-Running2You know what they say, “happy wife, happy life!”  My husband knows this is truth!  More than six years ago we moved across the country and I watched as his physical appearance changed quickly due to his new, sedentary job. After gaining 25 lbs he went from “fit at 40” to a Santa Claus “belly.”  So, we had to take action FAST!  Couples Who Sweat Together Stay Together, so we started a challenge to help hold us both accountable.

Luckily, my sweetie knew he had to make some changes and lose the weight. The first 30 days was a struggle but he lost 12 pounds. He decided to go for another 30 days to see what he could accomplish. Get this…in 60 days my hubby lost 25 pounds! His “belly” was gone and he became my hot man again!

The sweet part is that he will tell anyone who asks that he couldn’t have done it without my support. We worked out together, ate right together and we motivated each other when we needed it. It was an amazing journey that improved our relationship. Power couples raise each other up!  It really is true, Couples Who Sweat Together Stay Together!  Create a healthy marriage and get in shape at the same time!  So now, we have decided to pay it forward and teach other couples how to see success, not only in health & fitness… but we know when couples are happy physically, they are happier as couples as well.

Check out my husbands AMAZING results and transformation.


If you have 10-40 pounds to lose I want to work with you! I will help you lose WEIGHT and have more ENERGY. As your FREE coach I will give you daily support, motivation and accountability! Couples Workouts are ALWAYS BETTER! Now is your chance! I am looking for serious COUPLES to join my 30 day Online Accountability Group!  

See more on our ==> SWEAT TOGETHER Challenge <==

  • You will commit to follow a workout plan, get a menu plan to know exactly what to eat, replace 1 meal a day with Shakeology and get our 1:1 coaching.
  • You will commit to eat clean & healthy foods and eliminate junk food with a specific meal plan.
  • You will commit to post in our private group for accountability and motivation.
  • You get ME as your Personal Coach…for FREE!  My typical personal training sessions cost $70 per hour, but in this online group, once you COMMIT I can help you for free!



My husband and I have 3 (very active) kiddos.  He works away from home and I am a work from home mom. We are super busy and if we can make the change to live a healthy lifestyle, so can you!  Join us today and we will teach you some of our tips & tricks to lose weight and keep it off!


See more on our ==> SWEAT TOGETHER Challenge <==