Vacation Renovation

shutterstock_family_of_4_on_beach_resizeThe very things that make vacations so wonderful…a relaxing vibe, beautiful new surroundings, feeling pampered, etc. are often the same reasons we fall off the healthy-eating wagon. Toss in buffet breakfasts, tempting local delicacies, and lounging poolside with frozen cocktails and a steamy book, and maintaining the balance between restraint and indulgence becomes even harder! I’m here to help you discover that with a little planning and preparation you won’t come home with “extra” vacation weight as a souvenir.


What’s your vacation strategy? Before you hit the road, hop a plane or board a cruise, take a little time to think about your vacation strategy. Would you be happy maintaining your weight or even gaining a pound or two? Or do you want to lose? Think about your last vacation. Is there anything you’d do differently?


o-BLENDED-FAMILY-facebookIdeas to help you get started on your Vacation Renovation:

  1. Get real! This might not be the best time to focus on losing weight — and that’s OK! Decide whether you want to maintain or even allow yourself the flexibility to gain a little. Just make sure you’re comfortable with your decision and you have a plan for getting back on track (if you need one).
  2. Pack a few essentials. Stow a few small items that won’t weigh you down, like a jump rope or your favorite BeachBody DVDs. Don’t forget to pack workout clothes!
  3. Schedule active adventures. With a little research you can probably find many fun fitness opportunities. You can explore your surroundings while on walking tours, hikes, and bike rides. Plan to hang out at the pool or beach? Call the concierge ahead of time to find out what type of water sports are available — like kayaking, volleyball and snorkeling.
  4. Book accommodations with a kitchen. Resorts with all-you-can-eat meal plans might seem like a bargain, but the temptation to maximize your value could easily lead to overeating and drinking. If you have the option, consider booking accommodations that have at least a basic kitchenette so you’ll have more control over what you eat.