Reviews the 3-Day Refresh

refresh_shake_filt556I am so excited to share this information with you! Reviews the 3-Day Refresh…

Recently, Jess Barron,’s VP of Editorial tried the 3-Day Refresh. She lost 4 pounds in 3 days (pretty incredible for a woman who is already super fit), and she wrote about her experience. In the review, she describes how she prepared for it, what she ate, how she felt, and what she loved (and didn’t love) about the program.

“I weigh myself almost every morning, using my Withings digital wifi scale that is synced up with LIVESTRONG’s free MyPlate calorie tracker, and I ended up losing four pounds in just three days. (See the chart directly below.) Also, unlike the juice cleanse and 5:2 intermittent fasting 500-calorie days, I did not feel hungry on the 3-Day Refresh, and I was able to eat solid foods in addition to the shakes. My day one weight was 125 pounds, and I got down to 121 pounds by the morning when I woke up on the fourth day.

I got the Beachbody 3-Day Refresh Package on a Sunday, opened it up and looked at what the eating plan entailed. The whole thing is great. It’s portioned out for you in a box, with each day’s shakes lined up. There is also a program guide book which tells you the plan for what you will eat each day.  After reading the booklet, I decided which recipes and fruits and veggies I wanted to eat during the refresh, created a qujb_3day_refreshick shopping list, and I went grocery shopping to get the fresh produce I needed. Then I chopped and portioned all my veggies into small containers and put them into the refrigerator so that it would be easy for me to grab my meals each day when I was leaving for work. I started the cleanse on Monday, and my three days went through Wednesday night…”


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