Eat More to lose weight

Let’s you want to lose a few pounds. What is the first thing you might do? Reduce the amount you’re eating—especially cutting back on processed junk food. We’re talking to you, pizza, fries, wings, and nachos.

It’s a good idea to keep an eye on how much you’re eating when the goal is weight loss. But it’s also possible to take it too far. In some cases, not eating enough can seriously mess with weight-loss efforts, especially if you’ve already lost some weight and have hit a plateau.

Here’s when, why, and how eating more might actually help you lose weight

Sounds crazy right?  Eat more to lose weight.  It’s true, if you are eating the right foods!

It may seem crazy to say ‘eating more can sometimes be the key to losing weight,  but when you are talking about the type of food you eat, then this might not be as insane as you think.

Most of us like to eat… and eat a lot!  To slay lean & healthy, think in terms of eating in volume.  The more we eat, the more our brain tells our body we are full.  You don’t get very much food when you munch on traditional processed snacks like crackers, cookies, and cereal bars—even the ones with good-for-you ingredients like dried fruit and whole grains.   Not to mention those processed foods are filled with artificial ingredients that actually make you fat, aka SUGAR!

Eating too little can sabotage your weight-loss efforts.

Let’s say you’re seriously undereating. At first, you might lose weight. But after a while? Your body starts to panic.

When you are not eating enough calories or fuel, your metabolism actually drops, and you burn fewer calories. ,” Your body’s response thinks it is in famine and wanting to conserve energy (aka hold on to those calories).  Your body needs to know enough calories are coming in to feel safe, and support energy needs, but also the right proportions of nutrients (carbs, fats, proteins) and vitamins and minerals to fuel your energy.

The type of food matters.

When you eating more to lose weight can work in your favor is when you’re prioritizing high-quality whole foods over processed foods.

Often people forget that it is not always about the physical amount of food you are eating, but also the type of food. .

For example, living on protein bars isn’t exactly the same as eating a well-balanced diet of voluminous fruits, veggies, whole grains, and lean proteins. It might look like you’re eating more food in the second situation, but you’re actually giving your body more to work with that can be turned into fuel.

You should consider eating more complex carbs and high-fiber foods compared to simple carbohydrates and highly refined and processed foods.  Complex carbohydrates and fibrous foods take longer to digest so your body uses more energy (or calories) to break them down. So, try increasing the amount of raw foods such as fruit, beans, grains, and vegetables in your diet.

Raw foods are foods in their natural state, the way God intended us to eat.  If you nosh on whole, raw foods, you can eat more foods and will actually lose weight.  For example, a quarter-cup of raisins contains 54 calories, but you can enjoy an entire cup of grapes for 62 calories.  That’s because they contain very little water.  For a voluminous, water-dense snack, dip vegetables rather than chips into salsa. Or enjoy a bowl of vegetable soup or Greek yogurt with fruit.


75% of your diet & nutrition should consist of raw food.

This means healthy food options are fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts & beans.  Not only does this allow you to eat more and stay full longer, it also helps with health issues including digestion, inflammation in the body and premature aging.  Eat more food to lose weight as well.  I recommend eating 5-6 small meals every 3 hours to keep your metabolism running strong.    Eating raw, whole foods most of the time also allows the brain to have better mental clarity and thinking power!  Who doesn’t want that! Easy ways to swap BAD foods for RAW healthy foods:


  • Replace sugary processed cereal for oatmeal with chopped apple and cinnamon.
  • Have an egg white omelet loaded with fresh veggies


  • Think salad and raw veggies for lunch and add in nuts or avocado for beneficial fat fighting “good fat.”
  • Eliminate sugary sweets and replace with sweet, filling and super satisfying snacks like baked sweet potato, banana chips with a dash of cinnamon for extra zip or apple slices with natural nut butter.
  • Fill up on water and vow to never drink a soda again.
It is not easy giving up all the baked comfort foods and completely move over to eating raw foods.  But I can say that when you choose healthy food options, you will actually eat more to lose weight.  You don’t realize this until you try it, so many amazing things will happen to your body from the inside out.
Top 5 benefits of eating Raw:
  1. Energy. Your energy will be insane and you will feel amazing.  The typical afternoon slump is recharged by an apple or an orange rather than a candy bar and cup of coffee.
  2. Focus. Eating raw helps you have better mental clarity and focus.
  3. Regularity.  You should have 2 normal bowel movements per day.
  4. Sleep.  You will have better sleep and actually need less of it.  I wake up less groggy and more energized.
  5. Eat more to lose weight!  One of the best benefits of eating a raw food diet is that you can actually eat your hearts content and you will actually lose weight!  Endless salad bar will not give you that tired sluggish feeling and a need to unbutton your button after a meal.

Regardless of how exactly you go about becoming a healthier you, try to incorporate more healthy, raw food into your day to promote weight loss.