5 Tips for Staying Active With Kids and Family

Help your family get active

By Amanda MacMillan

When it comes to heart health, it’s important that we think not only of our own cardiovascular health but also that of future generations. A study last year found that obese children and teens have as much plaque in their arteries as a 45-year-old adult, setting them up for heart disease and other serious health conditions much earlier than their parents.

Every year I continue to ask WHEN will we (parents, teachers, schools, companies…) wake up and realize that something HAS to CHANGE?! 50% of children born today will be obese by the age of 18…

PARENTS I am begging you, make small changes in YOUR nutrition to help not only yourself, but your children live a healthy life!

  1. Cut out sugar
  2. Avoid white flour
  3. Ban sodas
  4. Increase fresh fruits &  veggies
  5. Go meatless once a week &only eat lean meats

If you’ve got kids, of course you want to make sure they grow up fit and healthy. But you also know it’s hard to juggle work, family, and physical activity. Still, setting a healthy example is a good start; research shows that parents who are physically active increase the likelihood that their kids will be active as well. So if you’re looking for ways to get your kids involved, check out these tips.

Tips for Staying Active With Kids and Family