Quick Workout On The Go!

Who’s ready for summer vacation?  Kids are out of school, fun activities and adventures are planned, vacations, pool time and yes, you can’t forget about your own health and fitness goals just because it’s summer!

Try this Summer Slim-down Workout that will work anytime, anywhere!

First here is my SEXY AB workout.  Do 3 rounds of 15-20 of each exercise:

Next, try my fat burning circuit.  To begin, you will need a stop watch or counter clock on your phone.

  1. Alternate between each exercise and do it for 45 seconds
  2. Take a short 10-15 second break before the next set of exercises.
  3. For example, do burpees for 45 seconds, then go right into a squat hold for 45 seconds, then a quick 10-15 second break before the next round of exercises.
  4. Each round should take approximately 12 minutes to complete.
  5. Try to do 2-3 rounds for a Killer Summer Slim-down Workout!



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