There is no pill or overnight cream that will magically help you Get in Shape!  As we know, society would like you to believe otherwise and would like you to go broke trying it all.  I have had a passion for health & fitness most of my life… like with most men & women, we start off strong & committed to our new fitness routine… then slowly life gets in the way and we put ourselves on the back burner.  We all know that with exercise & healthy diet, we will get in shape… but I have learned a few tricks through the years that may help keep you and your fitness goals a top priority.

  1. Exercise Daily– Once you begin a routine, it becomes a habit around 3 weeks, so make it a habit to workout 5-7 days per week.  Your body will say thank you and your habit becomes a lifestyle that will get you in shape for good!
  2. Duration vs Intensity– Have you ever heard of the term “Skinny Fat?”  Well once you get into a routine of exercising, some may platue and need to increase intensity!  It would be like turning up the fire on your metabolism!  You do not need to walk on the treadmill for 2 hours!  If the P90X cardio is not challenging enough for you, consider adding Insanity to your routine.  With intense intervals, you can burn twice as many calories in a shorter amount of time.
  3. Eat Healthy!  I’ll say it again, follow a “Clean Diet” with lean proteins, fruits & veggies! Checkout my mentor, Tosca Reno’s The Eat-Clean Diet for more details.
  4. Set Goals–  In order to achieve success in your goal of getting in shape, you first have to set a goal.  For example, is it to Lose 5 pounds, lose 10 pounds, lose inches, tone up and build lean muscle, drop 2 sizes, get in shape for a wedding or reunion… whatever motivates you, needs to be your goal!  I can help you set the goal, but you have to commit to the goal!  Plan it… Do it!
  5. Surround yourself with like minded people.  Grab a friend, co-worker, family member or neighbor and begin a fitness program together.  Accountability is a key to success!
A great fitness program and a healthy diet go hand in hand. With my motivation and support from a private group, I will help set you up for success from day 1!  CLICK –> Best Weight Loss Plan EVER!