Weekend Warrior Fitness Challenge

So many of us are exhausted after a long workweek and just want to sit on the couch and veg out.  However, studies show that only 1-3% of Americans are getting the required amount of physical activity on the weekends.  What is that doing for our fatigued bodies?

It actually makes us more tired!  That’s right.  The more you sit on the couch and do nothing, the more you want to sit and do nothing!  Something to consider… what is this teaching our families?  Are we being good  role models for our children?  Children lean by doing, not by seeing!  Schedule a time to be active and get exercise & fitness into your weekend!

I challenge you to make this weekend AND every weekend an active weekend!   I have attached a series of fitness video that may help give you ideas.  Feel free to get your spouse and children involved and do it together as a family!  I made this special Challenge Video just for YOU! –>Watch Challenge Video<–

  • Think like a warrior, act like a warrior and do something like a warrior!
  • Get to bed at a normal time, set the alarm and get up and get moving.
  • Take a walk, jog, bike ride together.
  • Play at the park, do yard work or hit the local school track.
  • I take my kiddos and the dog to our local middle school sometimes and we have a ball!  I stay focused on a walk, jog, sprint, lunge, high knee routine and kiddos jump in and out along the way.  It’s a blast!

Chekout this How to get in shape post to see specific workout training routines if you need more information and my personal coaching.

If you like to get active on the weekends after a full work week, then the Weekend Warriors Workout is for you. Learn how to do the Weekend Warrior Workout in this free exercise and fitness video.


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