The Excuse Killer

mom 2Meet Lillian Holm. She is a 70-year-old miracle and an excuse killer. She has had extensive head and neck surgeries, she is the QUEEN of modifying the modifier and has LOST 24LBS, 20inches, and doesn’t go a DAY without Shakeology and T25!  What is YOUR excuse again?


Her odontoid process (the bone your head spins on) was embedded into her brain stem causing severe pain and causing her to stop breathing when she was sleeping.  After numerous surgeries, she now has a plate in her skull, and numerous rods and screws in her spine.


Lillian is known as the “Excuse Killer” to many of her friends. She never complains, and always has a smile on her face.  She wanted to do the T25 challenge to continue her health journey.  She isn’t able to complete the entire DVD but she tries…every day! She modifies the modifier.  For example, bending normally causes pain or stress on her neck, so she would squat instead of bending.  Also since jumping is out of the question, Lillian would tap each toe side to side for that particular modification move.  As long as you are moving your body, you are moving in a POSITIVE direction!


Her success is amazing! She loves Shakeology and drinks it every day. After her first round of T25, her results are amazing! She lost 20lbs and 20 inches! She looks and feels younger and healthier than ever.  If she can do this, anyone can! There is no excuse not to get up and get moving.

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Need help getting started?  I can help!

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