Busy Moms Journey to Figure Competition

I am a BUSY stay at home mom of 3 (plus my nephew, so really 4) kiddos and have started my own fitness business that allows me to work from home.  In the mix of all life’s wonderful craziness, I am on a journey to compete in my 3rd figure competition.  I have found that when I have a GOAL, I tend to focus and stick to my training with higher intensity and dedication.

Last fall, I was like most American’s and fell into the I’m too busy to workout and eating & drinking WAY too much during the holidays.

In January I decided to journey my training to competition.  Below are my Day 1 pictures & day 30 pictures of my abs.  This shows a great starting point and I will journey my progress all the way to March, where I will enjoy a FREE Atlantis vacation and then continue training until May or June, where I will compete in a figure competition.

If you think you are too busy to workout, think again!  I wake up at 5am to weight train with P90X  5 days a week and add cardio from Insanity at least 3 days a week.  I typically do a 7am cross fit/ boot camp with fellow neighbors on Sat morning and rest on Sundays.  I was NEVER an early riser, but with 4 kiddos to run all over town to school, activities and sports events, I MUST get up at 5am in order to ensure my workout is DONE!  I know work out exercises that can fit in every persons lifestyle based on your fitness level!

In addition to my workout schedule, I eat a super clean diet!  I eat every 3 hours on the dot starting my day off with shakeology!  See more here for –>Clean Eating Tips–<

Here is my 1st 30 days results from Eating Clean & Working Out

I still have a LOT of work to do to reach my fitness goal!!!  BUT I am determined and focused to make it happen.  No matter what, I will be proud of my hard work!