Power of a Positive Mom

One of my all time favorite books is Power of a Positive Mom by Karol Ladd.  Karol is known as the “positive” woman for books.  The Mom book hit me over the head and totally woke me up!  I realized I can and must make a positive difference in my childrens lives… through relentless influence, affirmation and of course, prayer.

Being a positive influence means leading by example… even when it’s not cool.  For example, we listen to both secular radio music and christian music.  My children know that there are some inappropriate song on the radio that are forbidden.  I either turn off the radio or simply change the channel.  When asked I reply with “why would I want to fill my head & heart with junk?”  We now all have our favorite christian song and love to sing and worship with praise music!

Did you know that you can not affirm your children enough? My goal is to  tell my kiddos that I love them, how smart they are and how proud I am of their hard work & dedication to what ever it is they are doing… a million times a day!  I may fall short most days, but if I were to reach my goal, I imagine how full of love they would be, how confident & tall they would stand and how much more they might give of themselves.

We are suppose to pray for our loved ones relentlessly… again, I need more practice on this!  But a few ways I do remember is first thing in the morning, we are grateful for a wonderful day ahead of us and for God to bless us (the child especially) in all they do.  When they leave for school, I say another little prayer and anytime I think of them or an event going on for the day, I say a quick prayer about the specific event & child.  Of course before meals and before bed are the easiest to remember on those crazy days!  I have began praying over each child at bedtime as they have grown older… to really show my gratitude for them, and help them be grateful for all they have!

Faith is one of my core values.  Faith, Family, Fitness!  What are your core values?