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I am a firm believer that to become your best self, we must continually set small goals, achieve success and celebrate our accomplishments one step at a time.  We can’t just wake up one day and run a marathon, it takes lots of training, commitment and dedication to achieve any goal, especially running a marathon.  I beat depression and anxiety the natural way and did it one step at a time.  My passion to to share the secret to setting goals and living your best life so that you can achieve any goal you choose to set AND be your Best Self yet!

In my new eBook, Being Your Best Self, I am going to break down how to set your goals from A to Z, living life with new goals and loving the goals you set all year long.  Being Your Best Self goal setting ebook will become a way of life, not just short-term goals like New Years Resolutions that are often forgotten a few months after the new year.

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Available Now: Being Your Best Self

In my wonderfully-busy life as a health and fitness coach, I am focused on helping women take that all-important leap of faith – realizing they DO have it in themselves to make a change. Trust me when I say it’s never easy to embark on a new path, and even after years on a healthy plan, it’s possible to get sidetracked.


But that’s why I’m here, to be that calming and motivating voice that says, “Hey, I’ve been in your shoes. You can do this, so let’s get up and keep moving forward.”


My latest attempt at helping you achieve a better, healthier YOU is my new eBook, Being Your Best Self: Setting, Living, and Loving Your Goals Year-Round. The book is available this month.


Think of this eBook as your own personal diary. In it, you will be able to:


  1. Explore your vulnerabilities, and what exactly it is that’s holding you back.
  2. Educate yourself while setting realistic goals that work for YOU, with clear expectations.
  3. Understand the importance of good eating habits, mental health and their role in your progress.
  4. Recognize and overcome obstacles as well as understanding failure and being willing to adapt.
  5. Celebrate and build upon your achievements.


I’m not trying to toot my own horn here, but I truly am proud of this book. Over the years I have worked extremely hard to provide healthy tips and various other value added content through my website like blogs, videos, success stories with pictures, and out-of-the-box killer workout routines. I do it all because I want anyone and everyone I come in contact with to feel empowered to change their lives for the better.


When you succeed, I revel in it!


I feel like this eBook will only add to that healthy-lifestyle preaching arsenal because it allows you the reader to explore your own insecurities and stubborn obstacles. To that end, it’s not a one-size-fits-all book. You have the power to tailor the message to your specific situation.


Some of the questions I hope you can answer include what makes you angry about your lack of progress and why? What are the triggers that have dissuaded you from achieving your goals in the past?


Through achieving your goals, you’ll begin to steadily tackle your most painful emotions while becoming keenly aware of which situations are most likely to trigger a slip-up. This awareness is a powerful weapon.


I don’t promise that I can protect you from the stress of life, or from temptations. But I do promise that if you follow the tips in this eBook, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your goals. And along the way, you may just find that all that work is worth it!

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Available Now: Being Your Best Self