Virtual Fitness Accountability & Motivation

Would you like to get your health & fitness back on track?

Do you have 5-100 pounds to lose?

Do you want daily accountability & motivation?

Do you want to save time and money with simple at home fitness?

As your coach, I am here to let you know that you are personally invited to join my Virtual Fitness Accountability & Motivation Challenge!  Through the mobil “My Challenge Tracker” app you will be able to easily ask questions, get daily motivation, tips and most of all, accountability by logging in your workouts and shakes daily.

Get this, There are SEVERAL ways to WIN cash in September JUST by focusing on your health & wellness!  My business partner, Beachbody is hosting a Health Bet to help you get back on track this fall.  They are offering a pot of cash up to $3 Million for YOU to split with anyone who qualifies from September 5th – October 2nd simply by logging in 3 workouts each week AND logging in 5 shakeology’s (with a picture) each week.  BOOM now that’s accountability!  Why not get it, have a fun support & accountability group AND win cash?!?  It’s quick and simple to join my Virtual Fitness Accountability & Motivation Challenge…


Easy Steps to Join our Virtual Fitness Accountability & Motivation Challenge:

    1. Create your FREE account here:
    2. Send Karma and quick “YES- I’m in for the the Tracker App Challenge” at:
    3. I will send you an “invitation” and you can download the app from the email and follow the easy steps.
    4. Get the “My Challenge Tracker” from the app store for free
    5. Sign up using your team beachbody login (your email & password used to set up)- you will see the Challenge once invitation has been sent (make sure you send Karma and quick “YES- I’m in for the the Tracker App Challenge” at:
before & after karma & brett2
Yep, that’s me & my hubby!  We struggled for many years to learn how to balance and healthy lifestyle, working and running our businesses and raising a busy family.  We finally tried a Virtual Fitness Accountability & Motivation  Challenge and saw HUGE results!  If we can do it, so can you!  We’d like you to join our brand new Virtual Challenge & Accountability group… all via the My Challenge Tracker App!
You are invited to a Challenge Group and it’s your chance to commit to a healthier you! Did you know that you are 10X more likely to see results AND stick to your program with accountability? So let’s do this together!
Weather you are starting off fresh, or dusting off an old program, everyone is welcome!
Starting September 5th  you are invited to join my Be your BEST Challenge via My Challenge Tracker app!  Set up FREE account HERE to get started!
We are committing to follow our workout program AND drink our Shakeology for the next 60 days! {I’ll be doing 22 Minute Hard Corps}