Focus T25 Beachbody Workout ONLY 25 Minutes!

You have all heard me talk about it. Yes, its T25, and the countdown to the June 24 release is on. Check out Tania’s results in just 10 weeks with Focus T25! I don’t know about you, but I’d love to have some abs like that. I’m starting a T25 Accountability Group and YOU are welcome to join me!  Do you want to workout JUST 25 minuted 5 days per week?  If T25 is not for you, that’s ok, I can help you find a fitness program that is right!  Like I said in the video above, I am here to help YOU!

WHAT EXACTLY IS T25?  It is similar moves to Insanity, full body movements, plyometrics, fast paced to work multiple body parts at the same time to DOUBLE your results.  It high energy with trainer Shaun T keeping you motivated to work hard!  I had the privilege of receiving a test workout and absolutely love it!  The 25 minutes went by quickly and I was a sweaty mess!

Most of you know Tania, “The Machine” from Insanity® – See how Focus T25 helped her get her body back after Baby. She “faces the same challenges as everyone else struggling with weight”.  “post c-section and post baby I never thought I’d have these abs again”  Tania age 40.

transformation Tanya*If she can do it post-baby, so can you!!

Join my T25 group today: send message to !!!!

Shop NOW! (NOTE – t25 will be available on June 24th)

 In my accountability group, you get:

    1.  Me my daily caoching to keep you motivated and hold you accountable.
    2. You will get support from peers doing similar if not same workout.
    3. You get a schedule of what workouts to do each day and lays out the complete plan for the next 60- 90 days.
    4. You get a nutrition guide book or easy to use cookbook to take the guess work out of “what should I eat?”
    5. And so much more!

 ==>> Reserve your spot in my T25 Accountability Group TODAY!!! <<==

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The BUNDLE Challenge Package Pricing deal is On SALE through then end of July for ONLY $180!!

In a challenge Pack you get you:

1. T25 NEW workout, schedule, dvd’s and Celeb Trainer Shaun T telling you what to do everyday
2. Healthy Food Menu/ cook books so you know exactly what to eat everyday for success.
3. A 30 day supply of Shakeology to replace 1 meal a day and help you DOUBLE your results!
4. Access to my private facebook accountability group for daily motivation & support

==>> Reserve your spot in my T25 Accountability Group TODAY!!! <<==

1) Go to
2) Scroll down and Click the “Beachbody Challenge” Ad Banner on right side
3) Click “Take the Beachbody Challenge”
4) Enter your Beachbody Challenge info to enroll as an Official Challenger
5) Choose Challenge Pack & Shakeology flavor
6) Checkout
7) Notify me when your order is complete so I can verify it went through properly

1) Go to
2) Click Orange Coach Button – then click Yes I want to be a coach on pop up screen
3) Fill out Coach Information page, check 3 boxes at bottom and sign, click “continue enrollment”
4) Pick Challenge Pack & Shakeology Flavor
5) Checkout
6) Set up Get Started Right Call with Me!

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==>Exciting Beachbody Announcements- T25 & Vanilla Shakeology<==

T25 results T25 before & after image

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