Easy weight loss in just 21 days!

Easy weight loss in just 21 days with the BEACHBODY Ultimate Reset 21 Day Detox Cleanse.

My hubby and I completed the easy weight loss and detox system in just 21 days!  I have to admit, I began day 1 with “oh my gosh, 21 days is a long time” attitude.  However, I was so busy the first few days figuring out how to get in a routine of taking the supplements and cooking new foods, the first week flew by!  By week two, I began to have more energy and my skin was glowing.  Not to mention I was sleeping better than I had in years.  Byw week three, the weight was falling off, I was less bloated, sleeping great and LASER focus… like a Jedi!  It was the easiest way to detox, help my digestive problem and an easy weight loss system… all in just 21 days. (by the way, 90% of American’s have digestive problems, are bloated and constipated because of all the junk we eat)

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Did I mention studies shows that after you complete the 21 day Reset, it not only adds 7 years to your life, but it makes your sex hormones WAKE UP… YES, I said it!  Increased fertility is a side affect as well.

What is it? 
  • It is a complete, 21-day, 3-phase program that provides you with everything you need to Reclaim your body’s natural balance, Release the harmful materials you may be storing within you, and Restore your system to its maximum health.
  • It is a no-starvation, multifaceted, life-changing, cutting edge, “real-deal” inner body tune-up and detox.
  • It is a path to real, long-term change.
  • lose weight and get fit in just 21 days.

What it’s not: 

  • It is NOT just another typical cleanse or detox on the market.
  • It is NOT a starvation diet
  • It is NOT an abrupt cleanse that’s hard on the body
  • It is NOT a laxative-based, colon-focused cleanse, which fails to truly detox your whole body. -It is NOT a quick fix.


  • Those who are looking to get healthy and fit for the first time
  • Those who want to take their fitness regimen to the next level and optimize their stamina and metabolism
  • Those who suffer from digestive problems, high blood pressure, bad cholesterol levels, asthma, arthritis, depression and inflammatory conditions
  • Active individuals who want to get even more out of their workouts
  • Those who are feeling run down and worn out or noticed a decline in performance in any aspect of their life.
  • Elite athletes who need to take a break so their bodies can recover
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  • An internal system that works more efficiently
  • A Muscular system that’s been allowed to rest, recuperate, and recharge
  • Balance your inner chemistry
  • Stronger immune system
  • Increases energy and endurance
  • Restores your metabolism to maximum efficiency
  • Fortifies your body with nutrients, enzymes and probiotics
  • Improves your body’s ability to process fuel from nutrients and micro nutrients
  • Helps eliminate dependencies on sugar and caffeine
  • Improves digestion
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Helps eliminate waste, gently and naturally
  • Have a more positive mood and mental clarity
  • Lose weight
  • Helps develop conscious eating by being aware of your relationship to food, your body, and the habits ad patterns you’ve formed around eating
  • It is a mind detox as well. It will help process emotions that have accumulated deep within muscles and organs where they can create imbalances and disturbances.

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The 21-Day Reset occurs in three phases:

  1. Phase 1: Balance Body Chemistry Constant consumption of preservatives and chemical-laden foods along with exposure to toxins and pollution impair normal body processes. During Phase 1, you’ll balance your body chemistry with four of the six supplements in order to optimize its systems. This will also reduce cravings or dependencies on items such as sugar or caffeine.
  2. Phase 2: Detoxing the Body! Remove Toxins and Reset Digestion: You’ll be reversing the effects of poor habits, unhealthy foods, and environmental toxins. You’ll modify your diet so that your digestive system won’t have to struggle, and digestive problems you may have experienced before such as bloating and indigestion will be significantly reduced as your gastrointestinal tract is cleansed.
  3. Phase 3: Rejuvenate Your Health: When you reach Phase 3, you will experience a profound positive change in your mood and energy level. During the final week, you’ll eat foods of high-nutritional value whose nutrients are easily absorbed and return healthy bacteria to your freshly scrubbed digestive tract with pre- and probiotics. This will set you on the path to long-term healthy living.

What are some of the recipes and foods I will eat on the detox diet?

  • Asian Stir-fry
  • Black Beans and Rice
  • Baked Salmon
  • Fruits and Veggies
  • Salads
  • You will learn healthy ways to prepare these delicious foods. You don’t have to sacrifice flavor for good health!

What do you get with your Ultimate Reset Package?

  1. Six Supplements to restore your body to the highest level of health. Detox, Alkalinize, oxygenize, mineralize, optimize and revitalize
  2. Two DVDs: Disc One gives you a complete program overview, instructions to get started, and Success stories to help motivate you. Disc Two provides an overview of the foods recommended in the Reset, including sample meal preparation videos.
  3. Natural-fiber Reset bracelet to symbolize your dedication to transforming your life -Program and Nutrition Guide that includes detailed step-by-step instructions for your 21-day journey plus a 3-week eating plan with recipes, cooking tips, shopping lists and more.
  4. Reset Caddy to carry your vitamins
  5.  SUPPORT: -Access to an online participant portal where you can find food preparation videos for each day’s meals, daily cleanse tips, recipes, shopping lists and personal experiences from fellow participants. (Mobile-enabled website content) -Direct support from me as your Beachbody Coach, and a private challenge group on Facebook where we will keep each other motivated and accountable.

—>> Lose weight and get fit! <<—

Can I Exercise?

You may engage only in light exercise during the reset. Walking, yoga or Tai Cheng are great choices. Tai Cheng is a combination of no-impact and gentle moves using a natural approach to help increase range of motion and fitness. It helps relieve stress, aches and pains, strengthens core and improves balance. It is available for purchase through my website www.FitKarma.com

Cost of the Ultimate Reset?

Depending on which package you purchase the cost ranges from $229-$305. That is an incredible value!   When you join this Ultimate Reset Challenge I will add you to our private Facebook group that will have step-by-step instructions, 24/7 support & motivation!

With the 30-day Money-Back Guarantee you have nothing to lose but toxins, and weight! If you’re not completely satisfied you can return the Beachbody Ultimate Reset within 30 days from purchase for a full refund of the purchase price (less s&h).   When Do We Start? ANYTIME you are ready!  Start TODAY!!!

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Typical breakfast
Typical breakfast
Power lunch!
Power lunch!
Roasted root veggies & brown rice
Roasted root veggies & brown rice