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Growing up, I always wanted to be a successful business woman.  I went to college, studied business and marketing, graduated, and began working as most college grads do. I was lucky enough to make my primary job Mom to my three kids, though, which meant that I detoured from my original plans.  But after having children, I dreamed of owning my own Work From Home Business.  I was always curious what a work from home business really entailed and liked the idea of being a full time mom AND making extra money..

About 2 years ago I was looking for a way to work from home and make extra money.  One day at the gym, I met a gal named Stephanie, who told me I would be a great Beachbody coach. I’d never heard of Beachbody, but Stephanie explained to me the four traits of a successful Beachbody coach:

  1. A desire to help people
  2. A desire to help yourself
  3. A desire to work part-time from home
  4. The need to have fun along the way!


Basically, you join forces with Beachbody, whose mission is to end the trend of obesity in America AND Canada! The BEST way to partner with Beachbody is to become a product of the product, by using programs like P90XInsanityShakeologyBrazil Butt LiftTurbo Jams,  and sharing your fitness journey and enthusiasm with others. You do not need to be a fitness expert or nutritionist, because Beachbody provides these experts and celebrity trainers for you. Heck, I just loved working out and wanted to make some extra money!

I asked around and it seemed like every one was familiar with Beachbody products. I also learned that Beachbody spends over $100 million in advertising per year, and only uses real people who get real results in all of their infomercials and advertising.  I made the commitment to become a Beachbody coach and have followed a proven system that works. I am so grateful that my business is thriving even with NO prior direct marketing or sales experience. Beachbody is a true business partner that provides unsurpassed coach support & training, proven business-building systems, and leadership that walks with you every step of the way. I finally found a way to use my passion for health & fitness, decided to become healthy for my family and earn a income.

Some of the many benefits of being a coach:

  • FREE customers from beachbody! That’s right; we  get free customers to help!

    I was a cast member with Tony Horton on stage in the Bahamas!
    I was a cast member with Tony Horton on stage in the Bahamas!
  • 25%  commission on all sales
  • 25% discount on all purchases
  • Bonus compensation!
  • FREE Coach Leads!
  • FREE Shakeology leads
  • FREE vacations
  • Paid weekly
  • Live workouts with celebrity trainers like Tony Horton, Shaun T and Chalene Johnson
  • Many other bonus and incentives based on your goals.

Owning my own at home business is so much more than just being fit!

Yes, I get to help people get healthy and fit, have more energy, lose weight, and improve their bodies from the inside out. This keeps me accountable to my own health & fitness goals! BUT, I also get to mentor anyone who:

  • wants to start their own business
  • wants to work from home
  • needs supplemental income
  • wants to finally get out of the rat race and make a difference in the world
  • wants to be a stay at home mom or dad
  • wants to double their income
  • wants to pay for kids college tuition
  • wants to travel more
  • wants to retire early

I’ve helped people attain business and fitness success they never thought was possible, and I get to help people who want to succeed!When I sat down and made a list of Pros and Cons, my list of pros was LONG!  I even asked myself  WHAT IF... {<=Click}

2012 Atlantis, Bahama FREE Success Club Trip

In March 2012, Beachbody treated my husband & me to a FREE Atlantis vacation in the Bahamas. This was the first vacation my hubby & I took by ourselves, without ALL the kiddos in 4 years, the first vacation I have ever earned for free, the first REAL accomplishment and SUCCESS I can say I did all by myself. That feeling is PRICELESS!

In March 2013, I took my family to Disney world, again FREE and all thanks to Beachbody!

2013 FREE Success Club Trip with my family to Disney World
beachbody cruise
2014 FREE Success Club Cruise

Then in March of 2014, Beachbody took me and over 40 members of my team on an all-inclusive cruise.  It was a fabulous week of new revelations, live workouts with the trainers, amazing food and fun stops in ports of Cozumel & Grand Cayman Islands.
I am thrilled to announce that I am a 3X Elite Coach ~ 2012, 2013 & 2014 (ONLY 100 coaches out of 150,000+ coaches earned this), and was #18 in the Beachbody Coach Network of Beachbody coaches…WOW, what an incredible honor! AND Elite 2014  (only 200 out of 270,000 coaches earned this.)  Our team is on fire, & we teach you the system for success in your first 30 days- in less than 30 minutes per day! Plus, I teach you what took me years to learn in my 30 Day New Coach Apprenticeship Bootcamp.



I decided to give this coaching thing a try. Thanks to Stephanie’s introduction to this business opportunity, my life will forever be changed–for the better! As a stay-at-home mom, who turned into a work-at-home mom, this finally gave me the ability to Work From Home, stay at home with my children, and provide much-needed income for my family.  The coach opportunity allows women (and men!)  to multi-task, juggling kids and work from home!

Want to work part time? See how I do it ==> 6-Figure Income Working Part-time

See more info here: What is a Beachbody Coach

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