Why I don’t like being called a personal trainer

Why I don’t like being called a personal trainer

Why I don’t like being called a personal trainer

I loved my years as a personal trainer… well most of it. I loved helping my clients, creating custom workout plans just for that individual, being a force of energy and power to help them push past their fears and doubts. However, what I didn’t like is the long hors away from my family, the low pay and can I just say… the hours of the day you have to work as a personal trainer. I am NOT a morning person, so waking up at 4:15 AM to meet a client or train a boot camp by 5:00 SICKED!

Through the years I have moved my business to be a virtual coaching, rather than just a personal trainer. Basically I am an online trainer, yet prefer to call myself a health and fitness coach, and while there is some overlap, there is a difference between the two. It’s not that I don’t like being called a personal trainer, it’s that I feel I can connet withmore people as a virtual health and fitness coach.

Let me first say I get the confusion. The term personal trainer is such a common job description these days, and it’s very easy when someone asks what you do to say, “Oh, I’m a personal trainer,” because everyone knows what that is – a fitness pro who motivates clients by setting goals and providing feedback.

You see them all the time at gyms, meeting with client after client in 30 to one hour increments, and there are commercials for personal training certifications. They are everywhere, and they are very good.

But as a health and fitness coach, I am so much more than a personal trainer.

Being a health and fitness COACH is about motivating people beyond the walls of a gym, and beyond the notion that 5-6 private lessons is more than enough to make a lifestyle change. We create an environment of 24/7 encouragement and support and share ways to juggle a healthy lifestyle beyond the gym.

Not only do I get to help transform the lives of people when it comes to their overall fitness and nutrition, but I also get to impact their lives on a much deeper level by devoting my time away from the workouts themselves to explore their own personal struggles. Unlike personal trainers, who simply don’t have the time, I need to know the “why” behind how they got here and where they want to be.

I also get to mentor other people who want to learn how to be a health and fitness coach. It truly is a family.

We are not in the business of convincing people to buy something; we are here to share with people who are looking to improve their lives – whether that be through physical fitness, mental health and well being, nutrition, and more. We do that by sharing our own experiences, because we were once there, too.

Through casual conversations with friends, family and people you meet, both in person or on social media, you can help a lot of people. Simply put, we collectively work to motivate, love, and inspire each other.

I think that’s where the biggest difference between health and fitness coaches and personal trainers is. It’s not because personal trainers don’t know what they are talking about, because getting into shape is by no means an easy process and personal trainers are certified to help you achieve that goal.

But they are also limited. Here are three more knocks on personal training:

  1. Personal trainers are tied to a specific gym, or several gyms, with specific time slots. They are not home-based, and they can’t always be there for you after hours, online, or through social media.
  2. There is huge turnover in the personal training industry. You need someone who you can develop a relationship with longterm. Switching trainers only stunts your lifestyle change.
  3. Most personal trainers are expensive. And like I mentioned before, they work long hours with little down time or income to show for it.
  4. Not all personal trainers can relate to where you are, where you’ve been, and your daily struggles.

That last one is crucial. I’m a busy momma of three and a devoted wife. Yes, I have always been into fitness, but I can’t tell you the number of times I fell off the wagon. None of it came easy for me. But I KNOW the hard work pays off and helps me be a better mom, wife and coach to my customers.

So unlike the personal trainer down the street who may have always been into fitness and has the body of a Goddess, I can relate to how hard it is to implement a fitness routine, overcome your own personal fears and obstacles, and find something that fits your specific lifestyle.

Simply put, I am here to help. I am not just a trainer. I am a coach. And I’m not going anywhere.

Thanks for reading!