5-Day KickStart Clean Eating Challenge

5 day clean eating challengeIs clean eating something that you struggle with? Or maybe you just want to detox and lose the bloat? Are your jeans too tight? Do you want your swimsuit to fit “just right”? Are you ready to lose 3-10lbs in the next five days?  My 5-Day KickStart Clean Eating Challenge is the fastest way to lose weight the healthy way.  No gimmicks, no pills, patches or wraps!  

My 5-Day KickStart Clean Eating Challenge is super simple and results are guaranteed! Participants receive a clean-eating meal guide that takes the guess work out of meal planning. You also will receive a weekly meal planner, a shopping list and a food journal to help you see success!  The number one question I typically get from customers beginning a weight loss journey is how to lose weight fast.  I can certainly teach you how to lose weight fast with this 5 day clean eating KICKSTART meal plan.  However, my goal is to inspire you to create an overall healthy lifestyle that lasts forever for you and your family. I have created a healthy family legacy to combat depression & anxiety.  See my store here.

If you need to lose weight fast,  an add on option, is to jumpstart with a 3 day detox cleanse called the 3 Day Refresh.  Customers who do a 3 Day Refresh typically lose 4-11 pounds in just 3 days.  I suggest start the 5 day clean eating immediately after to support your continued weight loss and keep you on a healthy path.  Check out more information HERE on the 3-day Refresh.


If you are not sure about the 3 day cleanse, an easy way to double your results with the 5-Day KickStart Clean Eating Challenge is to replace one meal a day with Shakeology.  Shakeology will help increase your energy, reduce cravings, lose more weight, improve digestion and regularity, and transform your health. It contains 70 fruits, veggies and super foods to help you double your results! As a busy mom of 3, shakeology helps keep my health, fitness and overall wellness on track!

Here are a sample of REAL results from some past participants of my 5-Day KickStart Clean Eating Challenge:

  • “Beginning weight 145.4 end weight 137.2. Lost 8.2 #’s and feel amazing and was surprised how great shakeology was!” – Becca, Age 41
  • “3.8#s down and 2 1/2″ lost in waist . . . this made me feel great!! I’ve got endless energy, my clothes fit without binding and my spirits are high!” – Carrie, Age 52
  • “lost 4.2. My husband did it with me and lost 6 lbs. My clothes are already fitting better and have a lot of energy! Thank you for this challenge. It was exactly what I needed and plan to continue with shakeology and your next 21 day challenge.” – Donna, Age 46
  • “Down 5# and 1″ off my waist. I have more energy, my head is clearer, and I am excited I am taking the steps to get back on track since my baby was born. Just the kick in the pants I needed!” – Kim, Age 29
  • “Starting weight 153.8 final weight 148.2. I’m down 5.6 pounds! And lost an inch on my hips but nothing on my waist. I can’t believe how great I feel in just 5 days. Definitely moving on to the 21 day challenge!” – Christine, Age 42
  • “Lost 8 lbs . Feel awesome ! No more soda for me and clean eating !the new lifestyle begins” – Jim, Age 44
  • “I lost 5#, and feel like I can do this! I really want to lose another 30, so I’m going to stick with this!! I’ve tracked my diet many times before on my own with My Fitness Pal and could never seem to stay under the daily sugar grams. Not ONCE did I go over this week and all but one day had like 20-35 g left each day!! It REALLY helps having a list of foods and being prepared! AND, when I see these kind of results it’s so much easier to be motivated to keep it up! Happy Saturday all!” – Kelly, Age 39
  • “I’m down 5 pounds and feel great! I plan to keep going to get 25 more off.The best compliment I received from a coworker this week was that I looked refreshed and energized on day 3.” – Stacy, Age 37
  • “Down 8 pounds even, lost 1/2 inch in my waist and 1/2 inch in my hips. I feel a lot better and look forward to receiving the 21 day fix and my shakeology to keep up the good work. Thank you Karma Sessums Nelson for posting this great and huge lifestyle change for me!” – Carl, Age 37
  • “ok so down 4.3lbs….and a total of 6 1/2 inches I plan on starting the 21 day fix on Monday. Love doing these challenge groups. Love the support, the accountability and seeing people with the same goal all working together.” – Jen, Age 33
  • “We don’t have scales at home but both my husband and I feel great. We followed the clean eating to a T and we’re both impressed at how easy and filling it was. We did cheat a bit on Friday and had a bit of alcohol. This week made me realize how much processed foods and sugar we have in the house. This challenge was great and we will definitely be following the clean eating way.” Mark & Karen, Age 42 & 38
  • “I went from 156.2-151.4. I’m down 4.8lbs. I’m really pleased with this because I couldn’t exercise due to bed rest from an injury. I’m down an 1″ off my thighs and a .5″ everywhere else (except my neck. no loss there). This was much easier to manage than I thought. Meal prep is essential, and now that I have portion control under control and I’m staying hydrated I feel like I’m going to be successful long term! Thanks SO much!” – Amanda, 47
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If you commit, I promise it works!

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5-Day KickStart Clean Eating Challenge

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