Sexy Arm Workout

No time for a workout?  Need to tone up those arms?  Want to learn how to get Sexy Arms?  Not a problem!  Give this quick at home Sexy Arm Workout a try! There is nothing sexier than women with nice toned arms.  In tank tops, swimsuits or cocktail dresses, I can promise you, you will stand confident when you have toned, sexy arms.  Did you know that simple arm workouts can be done in just a few minutes, a few days per week to get results?  Of course, if you were to get serious about your health & fitness, I would LOVE to work with you.  All my customers that commit to follow my 21 day plan, ALAWYS get results!  I put together a few of my best arm workouts that will get you sexy arms.

Remember exercise if just one piece to the puzzle, eat less junk, less white carbs, cut out soda and sugar and replace all that with fresh, whole foods and lean proteins.  You will not only see better results in your body, you will also feel a better overall emotionally & mentally.  Personally, around the holidays when I tend to eat more junk, (yes I even cave, I’m only human!) my mental clarity is foggy, I feel sluggish and less energy.  Blaaa… back to clean eating for me!  Are you ready to join me?

I am READY TO LEARN MORE about Getting Healthy in just 21 Days!


Do 1 minute of each exercise, 5 Rounds.  If you do not have weight available, get creative and use liters or gallons filled up, bands or any other household item to challenge you!

  • Push ups {either on toes or modification on knees}
  • Bicep curl, each arm
  • Row
  • Tricep dips {advanced with 1 leg up}

Push yourself to do an extra rep or try one of my other quick workout plans, and workout routines:

Oh be sure to leave a comment to let me know you want more workouts like this one AND share with others you think might enjoy!

I am READY TO LEARN MORE about Getting Healthy in just 21 Days!

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