Visualize Success with a Vision Board

2016 vision boad & goalsIt may sound silly, but seeing your goals and dreams in front of you every single day works!  Create your dreams and Visualize Success with a Vision Board.  Weather you have health & fitness goals, weight loss goals, save more money, spend more time with your family or take that dream vacation, it’s important to dream agin!  Remember when we were kids and you dreamed big?  Then life happened and we seemed to get bogged down with the normal hustle and bustle of day to day activities.  Well I challenge you to think outside the box and dream again!

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” — Maria Robinson

If you truly want to achieve success, you have to map it out and make a plan.  Next, have self discipline.  Finally, spend time visualizing your vision & goals.  All three will help you achieve success.

But first, let’s have some fun Visualizing Success with a Vision Board. Here are some tips to creating your vision board.

  1. Have fun with it!  Get as creative as you want or keep it as basic as you want.  My first ear I printed off images I googled then pinned them to my cork board.  It was great to look at my dreams in front of me each day.  Creating a vision board is a perfect excuse for girls night in!  This year I went digital.  Lots of websites to help or just save images and arrange on a board.  I used to finalize my vision board above.  I LOVE my 2016 board!  (although I may add things to it throughout the year.)
  2. Know what you want.  Don’t just choose things other people put on their board.  Think about all areas of your life and how you want to either improve, strive to achieve or kill it with success, fame & riches.  Focus on areas such as love & romance, wealth & prosperity, career, health & wellness, mind & soul, family, travel and hobbies.
  3. Focus & Visualize.  Take time each day to mentally put yourself in your vision board.  Visualize success and the feeling you will feel after you lose the weight, relaxing on the beach with your family on that family vacation, the pure joy and relief you feel after you pay off ALL the debt.  It takes practice, but visualizing your dreams and focus on how you will feel after you achieve them is a key to success.
  4. Be inspired!  Let your new vision board inspire you, lead you and direct you to work hard for your new goals.
  5. Visualize Success with your new Vision Board and it will point you in the right direction, and help keep your positive Mojo.  When I fall off track, I look to my vision board, spend some time visualizing and it’s an instant positive pick me up.

Here are some example, but there are millions.  I used a fun website to help create a digital vision board  this yea.  Mine is the cork board at the top.  Exciting things to come!






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