Total Body Medicine Ball Workout

Being a busy mama with three active kiddos I’ve become a pro a finding quick and easy workout that fit into our busy schedule. Here is a quick total body medicine ball workout. I love it because no gym is required! You can do this workout in you living room, hotel, backyard, dorm room, and just about anywhere else you can think of. If you don’t have a medicine ball your can easily modify this workout with weights and if you don’t have that canned veggies work just fine too! hehe 😉

Grab a workout buddy and give this Total Body Medicine Ball Workout a try!

Do 5 rounds of each move  with jumping jacks in between and your body will be feeling the burn!

Total Body Medicine Ball Workout:

15- Cross Over Push Ups

20- Side Up Downs

25- Floor to Ceiling Squats

1 Minute Elevated Mountain Climbers (a small step stool can be used if you don’t have a medicine ball)