Quick & Easy Leg Workout

Here is a Quick & Easy Leg Workout I did a while back in my back yard!! I like to do this in the morning before I get my day started, and to beat the crazy Texas heat! I love simple workout like this because it’s really easy to fit into a busy schedule. For all those stay at home mama’s, this quick & easy leg workout is perfect when kids are taking a nap or playing outside. Your legs will for sure be feeling the burn by the end of this quick & easy leg workout.

Trust me! Taking 15-30 minutes out of your day to get a short workout in is so worth it! On the days that I choose not to make time I automatically feel more sluggish and low on energy. Make the decision to do it, find a workout buddy, make small changes to your routine. Things as simple as that can make the biggest difference for your life!


Try this Quick & Easy Leg Workout 3-5 rounds

  •  20 squat kicks on alternating legs
  • 20 raised jumps (works on stairs or step-stool)
  • 25 raised up-down steps on alternating legs
    • Try adding jumping jacks or planks in-between each round!