Easy Total Body Workout

Alrighty, Summer is over and the kids a finally back in school! Phew! I feel like our summers get busier and busier every year! Between sports camps, cheer practice, family vacations, there is just so much going on. Now that kids are back in school it gives me a little extra time but we still have a lot to balance. Because our family is always on the go, I’m always trying to come up with an easy workout I can do on even the busiest of days. Here is a Easy Total Body Workout you can do anywhere!

I made this Easy Total Body Workout on vacation this summer, but I have pulled it up at a hotel during a cheer competition, during a mid-day break from working and even had a few friends do it with me while our boys were practicing.  Don’t let the word ‘easy’ fool you!  When you work the large muscle groups, like legs and in a plank position, you work your entire body.  Another option to increase cardio is to do a 3 minute run after each round.  So many options!  The main goal, to get your body moving, to feel natural energy when your endorphins kick in and hopefully achieve better health & fitness!

Want more?  I would love for you to join my full challenge!  More Details HERE!

I love this Easy Total Body Workout because it’s something that you can do anywhere and you can fit it into a busy schedule. HEy, grab a buddy, co-worker, neighbor or fellow soccer mom and challenge each other on how many rounds y’all can do!  Weather its right when you wake up, right before bed, or in the middle of your day, this Easy Total Body Workout will get the job done! 🙂

Easy Total Body Workout:

  • 25 walking lunges
  • 25 side plank crunch- ea leg
  • 25 Inch worm in & out
    **bonus- 25 jumping jacks between each exercise.

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