Quick Cardio Ab Workout

Tomorrow's Goal KarmaLet’s face it, we are all short n time these days!  So much so, that we have no time left for ourselves.  Often leading to being overweight, feeling tired and sluggish, low energy and not really knowing where to start to create a healthy lifestyle.  The good news is, you can start today!  I like to do quick workouts to get my heartrate up, get my blood pumping and ultimately feel great!  If you are starting from ground zero, great job!  Maybe you have fallen off the wagon from being fit once before, but need to Get Healthy Again, great job!  And if you are already fit looking to take it up a notch, in less time, great job!  I am here to help and offer fun little workouts that can be done anywhere; your home, your garage, the office, a hotel room or even at a park while the kids practice.


One thing to note, all healthy lifestyles begin with a healthy diet.  It’s the foundation to actually see results when you exercise.  What is a healthy diet? I can get you all the tools in my Online Health & Fitness Challenge if you are serious!  You will learn what is a healthy diet is, have 30 minute exercises to do daily adn get this, a customizable meal plan with portion control containers!  

I am READY TO LEARN MORE about Getting Healthy in just 21 Days!

Also, there is no “quick fix” to get abs.  In fact, if you are looking for a gimmick like those silly pills, patches and wraps, you will NOT find that nonsense here.  I teach you how to juggle a healthy lifestyle in todays fast paced life the NATURAL way!  How to get abs fast?  Well I can promise you that if you give me 21 days, I can help you get abs fast!  However, abs do not happen overnight, by doing sit-ups.  It’s a combination of all things healthy that get you lean, mean and help you see those fabulous abs!


Quick cardio ab workout focusing on your core, abs & glutes you can do at home.


Do 1 minute of each exercise, 5 Rounds.

  • Jack w punch
  • Hop hop squat
  • Knee up & over
  • 50 high knees in-between each round

I am READY TO LEARN MORE about Getting Healthy in just 21 Days!

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