What is a Burpee?


The burpee is probably the single most effective and complete, whole-body conditioning exercise there is. No other movement on the planet will work as many muscle groups. The burpee requires balance, strength and flexibility.  What exactly is a Burpee?  It is a full body exercise that can burn fat, build muscle strength and increase cardio endurance at the same time.  It does not require any equipment and can be preformed just about anywhere.  It is typically preformed in five steps although variations exist.


  1. You begin by putting your hands on the floor by your feet, squat down slightly wider than shoulder width apart.
  2. Jump or step your feet back and hold a plank position.
  3. Your body should be in a tight, straight position with a tight core and shoulders stacked above wrists. (no slouching)
  4. Leap up from plank position bringing your feet up to your hands and land in a squatting position.
  5. This should be done as fast as you can without compromising form and balance.
  6. You will get stronger every time you do burpees.

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I demonstrate in this video what a Burpee is and variations.




  1. You can add a push up in when landing in the push up position.
  2. you can add a hop or tuck jump in at the beginning or end.
  3. You can add a leap forward after each repetition for a moving burpee.
  4. A single arm burpee is one of the most challenging especially if you add a single arm push up in.
  5. A burpee modification can be less challenging by not jumping or even doing the push up on your knees.


The burpee is one of the best full body exercises that builds core endurance, strength and flexibility.  The one movement works the entire body and every muscle group.  The main benefits of a burpee are thanks to the high intensity, explosive moves which helps burn fat and speed up your metabolism.   It increases cardio endurance while working the entire body, including the core muscles. Burpees are very difficult but highly effective.  Another benefit of a burpee is there is no expense in equipment or gym.


The premise of a Burpee Challenge is basically that one burpee is completed on the first day of the challenge, two are completed on the second day, three on the third day, and so on until finally 100 burpees are completed on the last day of the challenge.


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