Quick Booty Workout

quick booty workout

Life is BUSY, I totally get it, but that’s NO excuse to put your health on the back burner!  I LOVE when women ask me, how to get skinny legs?  If I had a nickel for every time I get asked that, I would be rich!  Ha!  No really, as women, the booty is a common problem area that needs more TLC.  As a busy mom of three, trying to juggle a healthy lifestyle, I squeeze in 5 minute workout plans and workout routines whenever I can.  I challenge you do start today with my Quick Booty Workout!  This quick booty workout will tone your legs, glutes and booty!  Then, try some of my FAVORITE healthy recipes in my all new Clean Eating KICKSTART Guide!

Push yourself to do an extra rep or try one of my other quick workout plans, and workout routines:


Stop Drop & Give me 5 Minutes!!!
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– 20 Single leg Lunge- back. Each leg.
– 50 high knees.
– 20 Single leg lunge- side. Each leg.
– 50 bicycle crunches.
DO 5 X
Using a paper plate, towel or anything that lets your foot slide back & forth.
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booty workout

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