How Do I Get a Six Pack


Now that it is bikini season, who wouldn’t want to show off a nice and tight six pack of abs! Majority of the time, people feel that it is an impossible task because they take the wrong approach. The key to getting a six pack is to remove the layer of “fluff” that sits on top of the abdominal muscles. Here are a few tips I found to be very successful in achieving rock hard abs and saying goodbye to the “Muffin top!”

The Approach to get a Six Pack

  • 90% of the equation for six pack abs is diet. The other 10% is exercise.
  • Real body transformations come through diet manipulation.
  • You can work out until you’re blue in the face, but as long as you have that layer of fat covering your muscles, you will always just look bulky and smooth.
  • The good news…It’s much easier to lose fat than it is to build muscle.

Six Pack Abs Diet

If you want six pack abs, your diet is going to be key. You are going to need to provide an optimal fat-burning environment so that fatty acids have a chance to be released. How do you do this? You place a strong emphasis on KEEPING INSULIN LEVELS LOW, eat a super clean diet & nutrition meal plan 90% of the time and allow yourself freedom 10% of the time.  What is Clean Eating all about?  If you are a beginner, be sure to pick up your FREE clean eating guide here.

But How Do I Get a Six Pack and How do I keep my insulin levels low you might ask?

Here are a few good tips–>

  1. Eat plenty of low-glycemic foods. Low-glycemic foods cause a slower release of glucose which results in favorable insulin levels for releasing body fat. You cannot release body fat when insulin (a storage hormone) is high. If you want those six pack abs, you need to take control of this powerful hormone, and learn to harness its positive muscle building qualities, while minimizing its fat storage capabilities.
  2. Minimize your intake of carbohydrates. Lowering your intake will decrease your insulin levels. However, too low of levels can be harmful. Carbohydrates (glucose) are an important fuel source for the brain and high-intensity exercise, and they are also needed for the complete metabolism of fatty acids.
  3. Add additional lean protein to your diet and additional healthy fats.
  4. Cut out all processed foods and soda.  Instead aim to drink 1 gallon of water daily.

To sum up the six pack abs diet, there is no cookie cutter approach – only principles you should follow.

  • Eat around .8-1 gram of protein per pound of lean body weight.
  • Eat enough carbohydrates to fuel your workouts, but no more. Find out How Many Calories Should I Be Eating?
  • Get in enough essential fatty acids (EFAs). Eat More to lose wight!
  • Make sure you are getting enough vitamins and minerals to support optimal body function.
  • Eat enough calories so that your body won’t think it’s starving, but low enough to stimulate fat loss.
  • Preperation is key!  Spend a few hours on the weekend cooking up chicken, cleaning and cutting vegetables and prepare your meals for the week.  THIS is the secret to success in sticking to a healthy nutrition plan.
  • Consistency through diet is the key to getting six pack abs.

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Six Pack Abs Workoutrock-solid-abs

Once you get your body fat percent levels down into the low teens and single digits, you’re going to have six pack abs. Now is the time you’re going to notice the greatest benefits to doing abdominal workouts. Exercises that isolate the abs really aren’t needed until you get down into low body fat percentage levels. It’s at this time that you can start isolating the abs by doing those sit-ups, and they will really begin to bring out the definition.

Ab Exercises I LOVE:

  1. Butterfly crunch
  2. Walking plank
  3. Windmill
  4. V-ups
  5. Mason twist

Just because you aren’t low in your body fat YET, doesn’t mean your abdominal’s aren’t getting a workout. If you are working out like you should be and using big compound movements, your abs get a great workout by playing a vital role in stabilizing the core. When you are doing squats, it takes a large amount of core strength to stabilize the body while you have a bar with weights sitting on your back. Make sure you are doing the 3 big compound movements – bench press, squats, and dead lifts, and/or combinations thereof.  Read more why your Working out and NOT Losing weight.

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