HFF! Health & Fitness Forever!

HFF! Health & Fitness Forever!  This is kind of my mantra… Health & Fitness has to be a lifestyle, an overall part of your daily, weekly and monthly life!  When we make the mental connection to live our best life, it’s easier to make better choices that help support this mantra!

Lets define Health & Fitness:

  • Health– The condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit; especially : freedom from physical disease or pain b : the general condition of the body.
  • Fitness– The state or condition of being fit; suitability or appropriateness. 2. Good health or physical condition, especially as the result of exercise and proper nutrition. (The Free Dictonary.com)

I know what it feels like to be overweight… by a few pounds to over 20 pounds overweight.  It’s not fun!  I feel sluggish, lazy, unmotivated, a little depressed, zero mental clarity and just want to sit on the couch and do nothing.

Well, I also know how it feels to be in shape with Health & Fitness HABIT AND routines in place.  And let me tell you from experience, I definitely prefer the feeling of being healthy, lean, strong,  always energized and having the energy to keep up with my children.  We all have the exact same starting point… everyone starts somewhere.  Just as long as you start.

So maybe you are a brand new beginner and crave a HFF! Health & Fitness Forever kind of life or maybe you just need a kick in the pants to get back on track… I am here to help!  Health & fitness goes hand in hand.  You can clean up your diet & nutrition, which is 70% of the weight loss equation, but you also need to move your body to keep your heart healthy.  And the same is true with exercising… you can’;t just workout and exercise and still eat fast food junk everyday!  We must pair the two together, to live a true well balanced healthy life.

How to Eat a Healthy Diet to live a Healthy Life?cellulite busting

Eating a healthy diet  means eating a clean diet, and does take planning… but the time it takes to cook & prep foods is far less than it would take to get in the car, driving to a burger joint, waiting to be served a heart-attach on a plate, spending a ton of money eating out, typically over eating and  feeling bloated, then coming back home again!  I define what “Clean Eating” is in my FREE Clean Eating KICKSTAR guide.  Pick it up today because I have included tons of easy & delicious recipes!

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Basically you can clean up any food that you and your family loves, but cut the fat & calories in half!  Begin by cutting out all white flour, white sugar and soda!  Basically, if it comes with a bar code or in a box, do not buy it… choose fresh over processed.  I LOVE flavor, so I add natural flavors like:

  • garlic
  • ginger
  • fresh herbs
  • Mrs. Dash Chipotle
  • salsa

When considering your protein source, think lean meats like chicken & fish.  But you can get creative with vegetarian meals and add nuts to salads, lentils or beans.  A clean diet also includes a ton of fruits & vegetables!

And of course, I will not go a day without my Shakeology that has over 70 different fruits & veggies in one delicious shake!  So easy!

They say it takes 21 days for something to become habit… same is true with your new healthy lifestyle changes.

Begin by making small changes, eating clean healthy foods and exercising a few days per week.  Gradually eliminate all processed foods and exercise daily to create those healthy habits that create HFF! Health & Fitness Forever!   DO this for at least 21 days and it will become a habit, a way of life that help you feel better fro the inside out!

Parent Tip: I have found that when parents make a positive change in their life, it naturally impacts the entire family.  You become a positive role model for your family and can tech them what a healthy lifestyle is.  Obesity in America has reached an epidemic number.  The child obesity rate is growing every day.  If you don’t make a serious change today, it may be too late tomorrow.

Childhood obesity is a growing concern today. Obesity rates in the past three decades have tripled. Children are at a significantly higher risk of becoming obese or overweight. Not only does this cause health issues later in their lives but it causes children to live a life that could not be fulfilling.

Every parent is responsible for the future of their children. Be informed about what is happening and provide healthier options to your children. I love working with families to get the entire family on track to living a HFF! Health & Fitness Forever life!


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