How to Get Thin Thighs & Skinny Legs

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The question I get asked most often is… “How do I get thinner thighs, skinny legs and a firm butt?”  Well, thinner thighs and skinny legs don’t just happen, you gotta work for it!  I remember after each of my three pregnancies, being disgusted with my thighs and legs praying for ways to learn how to Get Thin Thighs & Skinny Legs.  So after searching, I discovered a simple system for success!  But first, get your legs burning with my quick thigh workout.

This includes eating 5-6 small meals per day consisting of lean protein, fruits and veggies.  Chips, ice cream and sodas = LARGE thighs, so stay away from those processed foods!  Instead replace with whole foods and with a wide range of color.  Your thighs, legs and butt will thank you!  Ready to learn How do I get thinner thighs, skinny legs and a firm butt?  Although I have several free quick workout plans here on my blog, it will not get you the results you want.  I CHALLENGE you to commit to 21 days… that’s it!  In just 21 days, you will see AMAZING results by exercising in just 30 minutes per day, following a custom meal plan and knowing proper portions with a portion color coded system called the 21 Day Fix.

I am READY TO LEARN MORE about Getting Healthy in just 21 Days!

Do this quick thigh to get get thinner thighs, skinny legs and a firm butt.


Do 1 minute of each exercise, 5 Rounds (or more if you want!).

  • Single leg squat, each leg.
  • Single leg squat with a single leg hop, each leg.
  • 50 Jumping Jacks in between each round


Be sure to leave me your comments so I know you want more workouts!  😉

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