Five Surprising Benefits of Exercise

surprising benefits

You’ve heard it a million times. You need to exercise. If you’re like a lot of my clients, though, you just can’t find the time or the motivation. Or maybe you’re not interested in losing weight so you don’t have a huge incentive to get moving. Don’t listen to those excuses your brain endlessly drums up, though! There’s more to exercise than meets the eye, and a little physical activity goes a long way toward boosting your health. Check out these five surprising benefits of exercise, and you just might find the willpower to overcome your own excuses.


It Prevents Alzheimer’s

You know first-hand how frustrating it is when you can’t find your keys or remember someone’s name. It’s no wonder, then, that many of us live in terror of the worst-case scenario: developing Alzheimer’s in old age. People who are physically active, though, have less to worry about. Recent research suggests that regular physical activity can actually reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.


It Makes You Smarter

We’ve all heard the familiar old trope about the dumb jock. Turns out, though, that the dumb jock is complete bunk. People who exercise actually boost their brain power. Recent research has found that exercise can spur brain cell growth and boost overall brain health. Children who exercise may even do better in school.


It Fights Depression

Depression is tragically common, with almost a quarter of the population experiencing at least one bout with this miserable disorder. When you get moving, your body releases endorphins. These powerful feel-good chemicals leave you with an instant mood boost. Over time, though, exercise adds up to even greater benefits. Exercise can effectively treat and prevent depression, and some research shows that exercise can even be more effective than an antidepressant!


It Reduces Pain

If you have chronic back or neck pain, you might use this as an excuse not to exercise. But your pain could actually be due to your inactivity. People who exercise regularly experience fewer muscular injuries and less overall pain. Struggling with arthritis or worried you’ll one day get osteoporosis? Good news! Exercise can prevent these conditions, and can improve symptoms in people who already have them.


It Prevents Cancer

Cancer can feel like a ticking time bomb. If you worry about your health, you might freak out about every lump, bump, and change in your body. If you’re anxious about getting cancer one day, though, don’t spend your time endlessly googling symptoms. Instead, get moving. Exercise can help prevent a number of cancers, including colon, lung, breast, endometrial, and prostate cancer. In people who already have cancer, exercise can improve quality of life and boost your chances of surviving.


It’s not always easy, but nothing in life that’s worth it is easy! The benefits of exercise extend far beyond weight-loss, and I’m committed to helping each and every one of my clients achieve excellent health by adopting the right regiment. Let me help you find and stick to an exercise plan that works for you.