Five Best Beauty Apps



Whether you want to order food, squeeze in a workout, or track your fitness, there’s a smartphone app for that. So, it should come as no surprise that you can use your handheld device to up your glam game…without having to run around town. Thanks to my sweet 13 year-old daughter, I spent some time looking at some of the most popular beauty apps that are out there! I thought I would pass the five best beauty apps on to you.


1. Priv: (
Chipped nails? Brittle ends? Forgot your makeup bag and have a hot date tonight? Priv has you covered. Just enter your zip code, choose your service, and book your preferred treatment from makeovers and manicures to spray tanning and lash extensions.


2. Zeel: (

Overdid it at beach volleyball this weekend? Treat sore muscles to a massage from Zeel, an app that lets you book same-day, in-home massages with licensed and vetted therapists. They even let you pick your own music for optimum R&R!


3. Dermatology A–Z: (

Camping is a real trip until you brush against a mysterious plant and develop an annoying, itchy rash. This app from the American Academy of Dermatology can help you identify your skin condition with help from pictures, (which can get a bit graphic) and find you a dermatologist in your area. Now stop scratching.


4. Glamsquad: (
Turn to Glamsquad for hair that’s on fleek. Browse through a collection of looks — including “The Weekender,” a relaxed, beachy look and “The Editor,” a straight and sleek style — to choose your favorite and book a time that works for your schedule…even if that’s 7AM. Then wait for the stylist to arrive and work his or her magic on your mane.


5. Indulge: (
What happens when you get the perfect nail shade at the salon only to forget it when you chip it later in the week? Enter Indulge. Just scan the barcode on the bottle and the app stores its name and brand for later use. After your mani or pedi dries, you can also snap a photo of the finished look to keep alongside the polish information if you want to recreate the look at a later date. Let the app remember what colors you used to create the perfect ombre so you can focus on more important things.