9 Clean Eating Tips for the Whole Family

What is Clean Eating?

Here are simple tips to think about when trying to get healthy & fit. Here are 9 Clean Eating Tips for the Whole Family to incorporate simple Clean Eating Tips.  I’ve also included healthy food suggestions that work for my busy family of five!  I learned that by cutting out processed foods and replacing with whole foods, I not only felt better, but my whole family felt better.  More energy, less bloating, better sleep, better complexion and so much more.  Clean eating has become a way of life for us, and I hope it can for you too.  My number one suggestion, stay far away from any “FAD” diets, and choose to eat the way God intended us to eat… Clean.  Whole.  Foods.

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Healthy eating is for the whole family! Here are some of my clean eating tricks for BUSY families:

1. Prepare extra foods.  In order to be prepared to eat healthy, you need to do a little prep work.  Grill up 2 bags of chicken at a time, then individually freeze portion(s) to pull out quickly. Make a double batch of 99% fat free ground turkey for healthy tacos or clean  spaghetti sauce to have for next week or left overs.  Be sure to replace any pasta with whole wheat pasta.  Cooking in bulk over the weekend will help you prep healthy meals for the week.

2. Stock up on frozen steamer bags of veggies.  In 5 min you can have a clean meal.  Pull out some grilled chicken, thaw & then steam frozen veggies… In 5 minutes, you have a clean healthy meal for yourself or entire family!  (can add whole wheat noodles or brown rice for kiddos)

3. Always eat a mid morning & mid afternoon meal. Prepare healthy snacks for on the go with kids or for yourself at work or play.  Aim to eat 5-6 small meals per day about every 3 hours from the time you wake up. Kids recipes are quite simple… set this tray up for your next family gathering and fill with fun healthy foods!

Clean eating snacks: 

  • Carrot & or celery sticks  (any raw veggies) with hummus
  • Raw nuts
  • Greek yogurt with fresh berries
  • Mini whole wheat bagel w 1 tbsp natural nut butter
  • Piece of fresh fruit
  • shakeology shake (Everyday!)
  • Prep snacks for on the gokids snacks in baggies

4. As far as picky eaters go… Figure out what they do like, add in a lil bit of protein (chicken, fish or steak) and veggies (either raw or steamed) and remember it takes at least 10 offers of something new before the picky eater may even try it.

  • Breakfast is the only time my family is picky, so I squeeze in healthy recipes in the form of eggs (hard boiled or scrambled), greek yogurt with berries or oatmeal every chance I can.  Don’t cave in to the unhealthy foods.  Resolve to NOT buy any more sugary cereal!  Here are more favorite BREAKFAST IDEAS
  • Fun Healthy Dinner Recipes: Since most kids like “nuggets,” just last night I cubed chunks of salmon then tossed in seasoned bread crumbs and baked 10 min at 375 degrees.  Salmon nuggets were a hit and now a family favorite!
  • Give em what they like, just a healthier version: Checkout this great post on how to make Healthy Pizzas –>Healthy Pizzas! Healthy Recipes the Kiddos can Make!

5. Ordering out, keep it clean:

  • LUNCH: Always order a salad with either grilled chicken or fish.  No dressing, use olive oil & vinegar or simply squeeze lemon over it for added zing.  another lunch option is a deli sandwich on whole grain plus all the veggies… NO MAYO, only mustard or dry!  Veggies on the side and water!!!
  • DINNER: Stick to a lean protein like chicken or fish with extra veggies and NO carb!  Be specific when ordering and say “I would like that dry, with no butter, oil or salt.”  Most restaurants are very cooperative and helpful when eating clean & healthy.

6. It’s a Wrap!

Wraps are always fun & easy.  Whole wheat tortillas wrapped with low sodium turkey, ham or roast beef then add any & all veggies.  My kids love hot or cold ham & cheese wraps!  My favorite is humus, spinach & chicken wrap.  Get creative!

8. Gulp up your H20!  Cut out all sugary fruit juices and soda’s and replace with water!  Check out –> 5 Tips to Lose Fat to see the health benefits to drinking water.  Not to mention the money you will save when you cut out the expense of all those processed drinks.

9. Go Meatless: Make one night a week a meatless meal.  Get creative with colorful fruits & veggies.  If you can, shop at a local farmers market for all the fresh produce for healthy eating foods.  We do “Meatless Monday’s” that typically include a salad, veggie kabobs or vegetable soup.  Here is a great post about colorful foods–> Eat with your eyes


Diet & Nutrition is just one part of your success.

Everyone has a different fitness and commitment level, so I am here to help find the best solution for YOU! 

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