Why is a Nutritional Supplement Important?

When you are working out, the time you put in at the gym or with your home fitness program is only 1/3 of the equation.  To achieve optimal success with your fitness goals & to build lean muscle mass you must get adequate exercise, proper nutrition and plenty of rest.

Proper nutrition includes Nutritional Supplements.  Let’s face it, our food supply is not what it used to be!  It is next to impossible to get all the nutrition we need from processed food and commercially grown fruits & vegetables.  Not to mention we lack the recommended 9 servings of fruits & vegetables per day.

I recommend two Nutritional Supplements that help supply your body with the vitamins & minerals.  First, I recommend a vitamin pack or individual vitamins.  In my opinion, your body absorbs the nutrients when separated in individual pills, rather than trying to cram all into one pill… remember the Oprah episode where they shows it taking up to 12 hours for the multivitamin to dissolve and one pill never dissolved, simply was waste (out the body & a waste of money).  Not all multivitamins are this way, if you must choose a single pill, make sure it meets the ODA, Optimum Daily Allowance.  I use the  ActiVit® Multivitamins

Second, and one of the easiest ways to get your nutrition is through a delicious, healthy Shakeology® Shake!  Shakeology has over 70 different fruits & vegetables, pre-biotic stomach enzymes and natural Incan berries to give you energy & keep you regular.