Secrets to Losing Weight for GOOD!

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Secrets to Losing Weight for GOOD is, that there is no real secret.  Rather, small changes, over time, that create huge results.  Millions of us go on “diets” every year.  However, the term “diet” creates a negative idea of deprivation, limited quantity and a general set of strict rules regarding food.  The Good News: Simple Changes can give you the BEST  of health, vitality, endurance, and quality of life you could ever imagine!  I suggest following these tips to say goodbye to Diets for good and are my Secrets to Losing Weight!

1. Identify Triggers & Mindless Eating: Most of us forget about the handful of Hersey Kisses or the bag of chips on the commute home.  This means we eat hundreds of extra calories without even noticing. Fear not, evidence shows that putting pen to paper and keeping a ‘food journal’ and recording your food intake, especially your snacking patters, can help to DOUBLE your weight loss results.  Try keeping a food diary for a week, rating your hunger on a scale from 1-10 before eating, as well as jotting down every single bite that goes into your mouth.  This will help you pinpoint specific triggers that may be causing mindless eating or cravings.  When you write down everything you have consumed, including drinks and extra calories that you forgot about, you start to see why you are finding weight management difficult.  You may surprise yourself and find you want a “positive” food journal so will begin to swap green tea for coffee, yogurt for ice cream or protein shake for an afternoon snack.  I dare you!

2. Eat with your eyes:
Visual cues control how you eat.  We tend to choose food according to visual cues, such as color, texture and variety, instead of eating based on hunger or situation.  A great example of a resent study showed participants ate 50% less pistachios when given with the shells on versus participants who were given the nuts ready to eat.   This shoes food presentation affects eating habits.  Question which bowls of food sounds more appealing… one filled with a single color, let’s say red grapes or the bowl of fruit full of color, including strawberries, melons, grapes and kiwi?  Bright food is naturally more appealing to the eye.  Liven up your foods by adding colorful fruits and vegetables.  It will make it look a lot more appealing! Click for –>Grilled Veggie Kabobs Recipe<–

3. Don’t get distracted: Did you know eating with friends is a fat trap?  Being distracted by other influences such as talking while eating or having dinner in front of the TV or computer can actually impair digestion.  Eating like this does not allow production of digestive juices, meaning you don’t break down food properly.  The next time you eat, look at your food, smell the dish to help stimulate your natural digestive juices… your stomach will thank you!  Also, slow down while eating.  Put your fork down between bites and chew properly.  By eating slowly, you may find you are much more fuller than when you speed through your meal.

4. Downsize your dishes:
Did you know the average dinner plate in the 1950’s was nine inches?  Today our plates measure approximately 13 inches.  So it’s no wonder our waistlines are rapidly growing as a result.  A larger plate equals larger portions, so downsizing to your salad plate can help you lose weight as you will naturally eat less.  Let’s remember to keep our portions in check as well.  In general 5 oz of a lean protein such a chicken, fish or pork along with the remainder filled with beautifully colored steamed vegetables.  Your body will adjust to smaller portions within a few days and your waistline will thank you! Downsizing portions also keeps your body’s natural metabolism working properly.

5. Stick to the perimeter! A study in 2008 reveled that, on average, more than 60% of supermarkets promotions are run on sugary and fatty foods rather than fresh fruits & vegetables, a trend that has taken it’s toll on our waistlines.  Processed or refined foods, like chocolates, crackers, cakes and pizza upset the body’s natural digestive system, making them become addictive.  Your best bet, shop at local farmer’s markets for fresh organic produce.  If your only option is the grocery store, stay around the perimeter of the store.  All the processed, sugar laden foods are in the middle.  Along the walls you will usually find fresh produce, dairy, lean meats, fish and dairy.  Bypass the isles and shop for  fresh food instead.




6. End the mom Guilt.   It’s time to end the mom guilt. You deserve a life of happiness, and your kids deserve a mom who knows her own value. If you’re ready to dispense with the mom guilt and get to the business of living, check out these five ways to feel better about yourself as a parent.