Clean Eating: How to Lose 10 pounds Fast!


This is a 10 day, Clean Eating Challenge where you can lose 10 pounds fast! 

Are you ready to throw the excuses out the window? Through this challenge, my customers learn exactly what clean eating is, apply it not only for the 10 day challenge to lose 10 pounds, but make changes to their lifestyle that will last a lifetime.  Yes, you will lose 10 pounds fast!  The average weight loss during my 10 day Clean Eating Challenge is 10 pounds but does range from 7-20.  One guy actually lost 20 pounds in 2 weeks.  He continues to eat clean and at 90 days has lost about 40 pounds!

Incredible results in JUST 10 days! 

You literally will be detoxing and cleansing your body from all the junk… aka SUGAR, and replacing it with our amazing Shakeology, clean food and a ton of water.  You will receive:

  • Step by step instructions to follow
  • Support from me, Your Personal Coach!
  • Daily check in’s
  • Before numbers compared to final numbers (this will BLOW you away)
  • learn what Clean Eating is for a lifestyle change

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Details of what to expect from the 10 day clean eating cleanse:

  1. Begin days 1-3 with a 3 day shakeology cleanse (follow a specific plan)
  2. Days 4-10 replace 1 meal a day with shakeology
  3. Days 4-10 follow a fabulous menu plan filled with clean healthy food choices
  4. Day 10 & beyond LOSE 10 POUNDS, have a flat stomach, have more energy, feel great!

After completing our 10 day challenge, you learning how to eat clean, lose 5 pounds, lose 10 pounds or even more and the BONUS, you will be ready to begin a fitness program and get in shape by toning your muscles! Be sure to check out 9 Clean Eating Tips for the Whole Family

Please watch the video & be sure to leave a comment after the video 🙂

CLICK HERE ==>> To reserve your 10 Day Clean Eating Cleanse <<==