Skinny Margarita Recipe

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Flip flops, tacos, warm sunshine and family get-togethers usually mean cocktails and fun times.  I am a BIG fan of cleaning up your diet and nutrition but let’s not forget that you can quickly sabotage all your hard work if you guzzle high calorie drinks, specifically a margarita.  I have a BIG love for Mexican food and Margaritas… you will find tons of my healthy tacos HERE:  Healthy Taco Recipes,  Taco Bar with Brisket Tacos, and 7 Taco Recipes Under 310 Calories.

Over the years we have tries several Skinny Margarita recipes and my husband has finally perfected it!  Let me know if you have your own skinny margarita recipe and how you enjoyed this one.  Oh, don’t forget half the fun is serving and drinking them in a fun glass.  Around Cinco De Mayo, you can find a better selection of salt to rim the glass and even fun glasses to serve your margaritas in.

I am recently OBSESSED with Sparkling ICE and all the yummy flavors.  It’s carbonated water with zero calories and a delicious hint of flavor.  They nailed it on this one!  So of course, I like to see how to mix it into my cocktails to keep things light & skinny!  You can add in a number of different things… but I keep it simple!



Sparkling Skinny Margarita Recipe

  • Add zero-calorie flavored sparkling water for a fun bubbly bevvy.


3 ounces Sparkling ICE Lemon Lime

1 1/2 ounces tequila

Fresh squeezed lime juice

1 lime slice, for garnish


Shake first four ingredients and pour into a chilled rocks glass rimmed with salt. Garnish with lime slice.

Nutrition score per serving: 100 calories, 3g carbs, 2g sugars


Skinny Marg Recipe

  • Don’t waste your calories on bad tequila and sugary mixers. This elegant low-calorie, low-carb version is perfect any time you’re jonesing for a margarita.


1 ounce añejo tequila

1 ounce Cointreau

1/2 ounce lime juice

1 pinch pink Himalayan salt

Polar® Ginger Lemonade Seltzer


Pour first four ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake vigorously until condensation forms. Pour into an elegant glass and top with seltzer.

Nutrition score per serving: 185 calories, 7g carbs, 4g sugars



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skinny margarita recipe