7 Healthy Snacks

Want to know a secret about living a healthy lifestyle? lean in… this is top secret stuff… eat often!  Yep, it sounds weird, but if you eat small healthy meals & snacks often, you are less likely to over eat at one sitting plus you keep your metabolism burning like a freight train!  I hope you enjoy my favorite 7 Healthy Snacks below and incorporate them into you daily routine.

Healthy Snacks are a staple in my home.  In fact, I never leave home without a healthy snack in tow.  Remember, a Clean Eating principal is to eat every 3 hours.  This does not mean to ‘belly up’ to a six course meal, six times a day.  It means eating a small meal or snack every 3 hours throughout the day.  I usually prepare a big batch of trail mix for example, then measure out 1/2 cup into snack size baggies.  Saves time, saves wasted calories {prevents grabbing junk food on the go} and also saves money by eating my own healthy foods.  Especially when running kids around… Kids approved too!  Here are some easy recipes and 7 Healthy Snacks.  Remember to keep is simple & keep it clean!  If all else fails, grab an apple!


1. Salsa Boats Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 2.06.40 PM

2 large hard-boiled eggs

1 tsp. Dijon mustard

2 tsp. fresh salsa


Cut eggs in half. Remove egg yolks.

Combine egg yolks with mustard in a small bowl. Mix well.

Spoon egg yolk mixture evenly into egg white halves.

Top each egg half with salsa.



Calorie 151                           Carb 2 g

Fat 10g                                     Fiber 0g

Saturated Fat 3g                Sugar 1g

Cholesterol 372 mg         Protein 13 g

Sodium 325 g


yogurt bowl rasberries
Yogurt bowl with fresh rasberries

2. Yogurt Bowl (or try a Chia Pudding Bowl)

¾ cup plain nonfat Greek yogurt

½ cup fresh raspberries

1tbsp. sliced raw almonds {optional}

Combine all together


Calories 156                         Carb 15g

Fat 3g                                        Fiber 5g

Saturated Fat 0g                Sugar 10g

Cholesterol 0g                    Protein 19g

Sodium 69 mg


3. Edamame-Sesame Bowl

¾ cup shelled edamame

6 fresh cilantro sprigs, chopped

1 tsp. sesame seeds

1 tbsp. rice vinegar

Combine all together


Calorie 151                           Carb 13 g

Fat 6g                                        Fiber 7 g

Saturated Fat 1g                Protein 13 g

Cholesterol 0mg

Sodium 9 mg



4. Apple Slices with Almond Butter and Cinnamon Apples & almond butter

2 tsp. all natural cashew, almond or any nut butter

1 dash of ground cinnamon

1 medium apple, sliced

Sprinkle natural nut butter with cinnamon.

*optional sprinkle with natural granola, dark chocolate, coconut flakes or anything you desire.  Have fun!

Serve with apples slices.


Calorie 159                           Carb 29 g

Fat 6g                                        Fiber 5g

Saturated Fat 1g                Sugar 19g

Cholesterol 0mg                Protein 2g

Sodium 3g


5. Rice Cakes, Red Pepper and Tzatziki

½ plain nonfat Greek yogurt

2 tbsp. chopped cucumber

1 fresh mint leaf, chopped

2 multigrain rice cakes

1 medium red bell pepper, cut in sticks


Combine yogurt, cucumber, and mint in a small bowl, mix well.

Serving mixture as a dipping sauce for rice cakes and bell pepper.


Calorie 150                           Carb 23 g

Fat 1g                                        Fiber 2g

Saturated Fat 0g                Sugar 7g

Cholesterol 0 mg               Protein 14g

Sodium 93mg


6. DIY Trail MixDIY Trail Mix

Use any combo you prefer based on your desire.  Chart provides “flavor” combos.  Here is my go to mix:

2 tbsp. chopped dried fruit

2 tbsp. chopped raw nuts

2 tsp. pumpkin seed kernels

1 tbsp. sweet bites{optional}

1 tbsp. crunchy grains {optional}



Calorie 160                           Carb 23g

Fat 8g                                        Fiber 3g

Saturated Fat 1g                Sugar 17g

Cholesterol 0mg                Protein 4g

Sodium 2mg



Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 2.00.39 PM7. Fresh Fruit……. Choose your berries or melons! Bon appétit