7 Tips to Eat Clean all Weekend

I really want to CHALLENGE YOU to keep it clean all weekend long! I know weekends are difficult to stay on track, with so many temptations (they are for me anyways).  BUT, you have BIG goals, so this requires a BIG commitment!  Here are a couple of tips & tricks that help me Keep it Clean over the weekend :

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1) I have my shakeology for breakfast – especially before the temptation of kids weekend foods arise! (I like to make big breakfasts for my kiddos like waffles & pancakes (btw I add 1-2 scoops vanilla shakeology to add flavor AND nutrition). It help you get you nutrition into your body and will be full before the temptations arise!

2) Plan to eat a salad for lunch! Light dressing or simply squeeze a lemon over it for fat free zing!

3) Pack a piece of fruit to eat on the go and in between errands or kids activities!

4) If you are going to “splurge” or have a cheat meal, eat clean all day to save up and then truly enjoy it! No guilt!

5) If I am headed into dangerous environment where I might TOTALLY CAVE and eat THE ENTIRE BIRTHDAY CAKE (y’all know cake is my weakness) then I pop an Altoid or mint gum in my mouth right before arriving! Trust me, nothing tastes good after a mint or Altoid!!!

6) Never leave the house without water! Water keeps you hydrated, keeps you feeling full and helps with digestion along with a million other benefits!

7) Be sure to let all your family & friends know your clean eating changes and health and fitness goals.  The more accountability you have to stay on track, the better!  I even tell my kiddos “don’t let Mama eat unhealthy this weekend.” Then when I go to sneak a bite of something… guess who is the first to help me get back on track?  “No Mama, you can’t eat that!!!” I laugh and think to myself, I asked for it!

At some point over the weekend, commit to prepping foods and plan for another great week of clean eating!!! An hour of prepping foods will save you calories, money and keep you on track to reach your goals the following week!!!   Here are some TIPS & TRICKS for BUSY families to eat clean and make it a lifestyle change: http://karmanelsonfitness.com/family/eating-clean-tips-healthy-eating-foods/

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